Aerospace Medical Service (4N0X1)

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Specialty Summary: Plans, provides, and evaluates routine patient care and treatment of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. Organizes the medical environment, performs and directs support activities in-patient care situations, including contingency operations and disasters. Performs duty as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) independent duty medical technician (IDMT), aeromedical evacuation technician (AET), or hyperbaric medical technician (HBMT), allergy and immunization technician (AIT), or neurology technician (NT) functions.

Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 300.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provides, supervises, and manages patient care of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. As part of the nursing team, utilizes the nursing process to provide care for the beneficiaries. Acts as Primary Care Management (PCM) team leader and/or member. Monitors and records physiological measurements. Orients new patients to the hospital environment. Admits, discharges, and transfers patients as directed. Observes, reports, and records observations inpatient progress notes and team conference.

Performs portions of medical treatment, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures. Cares for, observes, and reports on postoperative patients and seriously or critically ill and injured patients. Records treatments and procedures rendered  and observes effects. Performs care of deceased patients. Identifies patient problems and assists in developing and evaluating patient care plan. Prepares and administers medications under nurse or physician supervision. Adheres to infection control procedures including use of personal protective equipment, disposal of waste, and aseptic technique.

Performs central sterile supply duties. Assembles, operates, and maintains therapeutic equipment. Provides field medical care in contingency operations and disasters. Performs basic life support and triage in emergency situations. Serves as a member of primary emergency medical response to in-flight emergencies and potential mass casualty scenarios from on- and off-base incidents. Operates emergency medical and other vehicles. Loads and unloads litter patients. Frontline preventionist who identifies potential health risks and provides preventive counseling.

Performs paraprofessional portions of preventative health assessments and physical examinations. Performs medical records reviews in order to determine medical qualification. Identifies medical conditions that may disqualify a member for worldwide duty and assists provider with the initiation of a physical profile, when required. Assists with oversight of grounding and waiver management follow-up systems. Participates in contingency or disaster field training, exercises, and deployments. Assists flight surgeon with aircraft mishap and physiological incident response, investigation, and reporting.

Augments search and rescue flying squadrons. Maintains inpatient and outpatient medical records. Prepares and submits administrative reports. Manages supplies and equipment, submits and executes budgets, schedules personnel for duty. Supervises personnel and conducts training.

Schedules in-service training in new procedures, techniques, and equipment. Provides required basic life support training. Conducts or schedules periodic disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures. Provides medical training to include agencies and personnel other than medical. Training includes areas such as emergency medical technician and self-aid buddy care.

Performs duty as an IDMT at deployed operating locations and at fixed sites. Deploys as Squadron Medical Element (SME) member with operational squadrons. Provides forward area medical care in an austere or bare-base environment. Renders medical and dental treatment and emergency care; recommends and coordinates evacuation to a location where definitive medical treatment facilities are available. Performs pharmacy, laboratory, bioenvironmental, public health, medical logistics, and medical administration duties.

Performs aeromedical evacuation (AE) duties. Prepares patients and equipment for flight. Prepares aircraft for patient enplaning. Enplanes and deplanes ambulatory and litter patients. Inventories loads and unloads baggage. Functions as an aeromedical evacuation crewmember. Assists flight nurse with in-flight patient care and documentation. Monitors safety and security of patients, crew and the aircraft during in-flight or ground operations. Operates specialized aircraft life support equipment, medical devices and aircraft systems related to patient care.

Provides emergency care for patients in event of medical or aircraft emergency. Performs when tasked as a member of a mobile aeromedical staging facility (MASF) during field training and deployment for contingency operations.

Performs allergy and immunization (AI) duties. Manages immunotherapy care and performs diagnostic tests ordered by physicians. Utilizes computer based patient information. Prepares allergenic extracts and specific allergy treatment extracts. Performs tuberculosis and lung fungus testing. Performs allergy skin testing. Performs basic pulmonary functions studies. Administers vaccines according to current guidelines and documents in patient records. Performs emergency care for treatment of anaphylaxis.

Provides post-immunization instructions in regard to expected reactions and in the proper care of vaccinations. Provides oversight of immunization processes and training or quality assurance of Immunization Back-Up Technician program. Arranges, schedules, and supervises mass immunizations.

Performs neurology duties. Prepares patients for examination, treatment, and diagnostic procedures. Assists physician with diagnostic procedures and treatments. Assembles, operates, maintains and performs routine user maintenance of electroencephalographic and electromyographic equipment. Assists in performing special electroencephalographic and electromyographic procedures. Ensures appropriate care and storage of tracings and reports.

Performs critical care duties. Provides nursing care for patients in various intensive care units. Assists with patient examinations and special procedures including mechanical ventilation. Assists with cardiovascular and neurovascular procedures and hemodialysis. Prepares patients with special equipment transfers.

Performs hyperbaric medical technician duties. Assists physicians and nurses in the evaluation and provision of care to patients referred for hyperbaric treatment and cardiac and diabetic monitoring, and IV management in the hyperbaric environment. Prepares patients for examination, treatment, and diagnostic testing and conducts transcutaneous oxygen assessments of treatment limbs in ambient and hyperbaric conditions. Provides wound care and debridement for patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

Performs primary duties as inside observer during patient treatments or research exposures, and secondary duties as chamber operator. Maintains digital image repositories. Conducts testing and evaluation studies of medical equipment for use in the hyperbaric environment.

Performs hemodialysis duties. Prepares patient and performs procedures using specialized renal dialysis equipment.

Performs Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) duties: Utilizes the nursing process for patients by promoting and maintaining health, preventing disease and disability, caring for and rehabilitating individuals who are experiencing an altered health state, while contributing to the ultimate quality of life until death. Actively participates in and leads the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care in all settings, where patient care takes place, with the responsibility of carrying out assignments to completion.

Performs assessment and analysis of patient health status, identifies health goals, recognizes subtle changes in conditions, interprets these changes, and immediately determines the appropriate course of action.

Manages and directs medical service resources. Coordinates medical service activities with executive and clinical management teams.

Specialty Qualifications
Knowledge. The following knowledge is mandatory for award of AFSC indicated:

4N0X1/X1X. Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology; nursing theory, techniques and procedures; team nursing; patient needs; emergency medical treatment to include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, aseptic technique, medical ethics, and legal aspects; prescribed drugs and their administration; operating and maintaining therapeutic equipment, military hygiene and sanitation; risk management, contingency operations, disaster preparedness, and chemical warfare; and transportation of sick and wounded.

4N0X1A. Vaccination procedures; methods of properly administering intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections; pollen counting; allergen identification; composition of various vaccines; mechanisms of anaphylaxis and shock and their treatment; and pharmacology of various drug groups.

4N0X1B. Neurological patient examination, treatment, and diagnostic procedures; and operation and user maintenance of electroencephalographic, electromyographic, and other neurodiagnostic equipment.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in general science, biology, psychology, and chemistry is desirable.

Training. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

4N031. Completion of a basic medical service course.

4N031A. Completion of a basic allergy immunization technician course.

4N031B. Completion of a basic neurology technician course.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of AFSC indicated: (Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes).

4N051/51X. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 4N031/31X. Also, experience performing functions such as care and treatment for patients, operating and maintaining therapeutic equipment, and properly administering parenteral immunizing biologicals.

4N071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 4N051/51X. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as nursing activities; care and treatment of patients; operating and maintaining therapeutic equipment; conducting subprofessional portions of physical examinations, or assisting in medical treatment of patients.

4N091. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 4N071. Also, experience managing functions such as medical, and related patient care and administrative activities.

Other. The following are mandatory as indicated:

For entry into this specialty, qualification to operate government vehicles according to AFI 24-301Vehicle Operations.

For entry into shred out A or B, prior qualification in and possession of AFSC 4N051/71.

For entry, award, and retention of shred out B, no record of emotional instability.

* Specialty Shredouts

Suffix Portion of AFS to Which Related

A Allergy/Immunology

B Neurology

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile: 222222 (for 1N0X1B, 222221)

Citizenship: No

Required Appitude Score : G-43 (Changed to G-44, effective July 1, 2004).

Technical Training:

Course #: J3AQR4N031 003

Length (Days): 66

Course #: J5ABO4N031 000

Length (Days): 39

Possible Assignment Information