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Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing firm

Company Description

Based in Dublin, Ireland, this Fortune 500 company employs more than 425,000 people in over 200 cities in 120 countries. What began in the 1950s as a division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen, LLP has been spun off and morphed into a leading global management consulting and services firm specializing in business and technology consulting.

While based in Ireland for tax reasons, much of the corporate management is in the United States, with 48,000 employees in various states. The company also employs about 150,000 workers in India, and another 50,000 employees are officed in the Philippines. Accenture serves as a large contractor for the U.S. Federal Government as well.

The firm generated approximately $34.9 billion revenue in 2017, and trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ACN. Accenture has been a part of the S&P 500 Index since July of 2011.

Work-at-Home Opportunities at Accenture

The company doesn't have a specific division in which all employees telecommute; rather it puts a big emphasis on flexible work arrangements, job sharing, and telecommuting wherever possible. Working from home, though prevalent at Accenture, is job-, project- or client-dependent. Additionally, many of its telecommuting jobs may involve significant travel time to, and work at client locations.

The Firm's Practice Areas

Accenture works within five main practice areas. The firm may provide consulting services from more than one practice area to the same client. The five main areas are strategy, management, digital, technology, and operations consulting.

Strategy consulting focuses on helping clients improve their business operations through technology-aided strategic business moves. Managment consulting involves bringing industry-held best practices and insights to client companies to improve and transform their operations.

Digital consulting works with marketing teams to improve digital marketing, mobility and collection and interpretation of customer analytics to drive business improvements. The technology team helps companies integrate systems into new and existing functions, such as real-time mobile sales and production reporting. The operations group helps its clients scale business to increase capacity and use systems such as the cloud to accommodate larger amounts of business data.

One of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For

Accenture comes in at number 60 on Fortune Magazine's list of best companies to work for. The firm's made the list for the past 10 years and has improved from its rank of 88 on last year's list. Some benefits offered include job sharing, health insurance for part-time employees, subsidized daycare and a non-discriminatory sexual orientation policy.

The company employs 51 percent minorities and offers 30 paid days off for both full-and part-time employees. The hiring process is competitive, and the company has roughly 46 applicants for each open position. It fills about one-quarter of its open positions internally and hires many workers through referrals.

Applying to Accenture

You won't find many of the jobs in Accenture's Career Page listed as telecommute or remote, so searching those terms won't likely bring up many leads. It's best to look for jobs that you are qualified for and then in the interview process, ask about whether a job can be telecommuted.

The clients Accenture serves not only span the globe in terms of location, but they are diverse in terms of industries, which range from financial services, communications, media, technology, public services, and healthcare.

So first and foremost, applicants need the specific skills indicated in the job posting and very likely within a specific industry. The career fields for which the company seeks applicants include account management, sales, analytics, software engineering, business operations, finance, human resources, IT, marketing and communications, research, business strategy, design and legal services.

Accenture is a competitive company with much to offer, and it looks for employees that can handle a high degree of responsibility. Academics alone won't land you the job; your interviewer will likely want to know about your experience in other areas of your life, such as demonstrated leadership.

If you're coming right out of college and don't have work experience yet, focus on ways you've demonstrated responsibility and leadership through extracurricular activities such as athletics or community service. Since Accenture's a client-service business, your interviewer will also look at your ability to communicate in a friendly, professional and empathic manner that will put clients at ease.

Note: Companies listed in this or other work-at-home company profiles may or may not be hiring at this time. Please research job openings, reading their job posting and employment policies carefully with an eye toward how your skills match their needs, before initiating contact.
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