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Company: Description:

A division of New Mexico-based, brick-and-mortar call center company Tier 3 Support, Accolade Support is a business outsourcing process (BPO) firm that specializes in providing call center services to its clients with remote agents based in their own home offices.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

Company hires independent contractors on a temporary basis to take calls doing all sorts of customer service-related work. It could include tech support or help desk customer contact, working with loyalty programs, taking in reservation, doing surveys, or processing orders. Agents may work on several different clients or be trained to work for one particular client.


When it comes to the equipment needed, Accolade's requirements are pretty typical of call center home office requirements.The home office where reps work must be private and quiet. Agents must have a landline phone, no cell or VOIP allowed; a corded telephone, no cordless handsets; a corded headset;and a PC running Windows that is connected by a cord to a cable or DSL modem; no wireless routers.

Accolade looks for jobs candidates with experience in customer service, excellent written and verbal communications skills, attention to detail and professionalism,


Accolade pays a base hourly wage and then it pays on a per-minute structure but the top rate that can be earned is an hourly rate of $10 per hour. As with many BPOs that hire independent contractors, the compensation structure does not necessarily guarantee minimum wage and the amount earned can vary based on call volume.

Geographic Restrictions:

Accolade only hires U.S.-based agents.

How to Apply to Accolade Support:

Send a resume through its website. Be sure they are both professional and error free and that the subject of the message is line “Independent Contractor - CSR.” Do not call the number on its website.

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