Working Remotely With AccuTran Global

Find out about how to apply for a job, pay, qualifications, and hours

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AccuTran Global is a company that provides transcription services to clients around the world using remote workers in North America. While most of the work is for transcriptionists, jobs are available for transcription reviewers (usually promoted from transcriptionists), editors, proofreaders, and scopists. The information here about working remotely with AccuTran Global was accurate as of August 2018.

Types of Work-at-Home Job Opportunities

As is often the case with data entry and transcription, workers are hired as independent contractors, not full-time, permanent employees of AccuTran Global.

  • Transcriptionists listen to fairly short bits of audio and transcribe them using transcription software and a headset.
  • Scopists read through real-time, voice-written copy (stenography or voice writing) while listening to its corresponding audio to catch any errors.
  • Reviewers compile raw transcribed copy into a complete document, review each section for formatting, and correct obvious errors.
  • Editors do a whole read-through of the raw transcribed text, perform more extensive checks and research, and make needed corrections.
  • Proofreaders perform the third quality check after reviewers and editors, reading through the edited transcript carefully to catch any content, punctuation, and formatting errors.

The company offers real-time captioning, stenography or voice writing, and scoping; financial, medical, and legal transcription services; and transcription for conference calls, press conferences, meetings, interviews, messages, focus groups, and more. Workers are needed at specific times of day and on certain days of the week, with peak periods throughout the year.

Job Qualifications and Requirements

The minimum typing speed for transcriptionists is 70 words per minute. Applicants are selected, at least in part, on the basis of their performance on a set of tests. While experience can help you perform better on these tests, it is not strictly necessary.

The general characteristics required are the ability to listen well, a strong command of English— including grammar, punctuation, and spelling—internet research skills, and the ability to follow instructions and communicate well.

Technical requirements include a PC that is running Windows 10 with a minimum of 4GB of memory available, or a Mac that can run Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or equivalent software. The computer must be password protected with an account that's only you use. AccuTran will provide transcription software for PCs, and Mac users can download the free ExpressScribe software. High-quality headphones are required from the start, as well as high-speed internet access.

Hours of Work

AccuTran Global asks you to email your availability each Friday for the following week, and you'll be assigned work based on that and the volume of work that needs to be completed. You don't have to be available on the same days or at the same times every week. The company does not set a minimum or maximum for hours you submit as available.

The busiest times of day for transcription are 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET, and 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET, but sometimes could start as early as 4 a.m. The busiest days of the week are usually Tuesday through Thursday and Friday morning. Peak periods throughout the year include the end of January through the end of May, mid-July through mid-August, and mid-October through mid-November.

Pay Rates

AccuTran Global pays transcribers by the word; sometimes the rate is determined by minutes of audio. Rates start at $0.004 per word for basic audio to $0.0055 per word for more difficult projects. Projects with longer turnaround times can pay up to $0.40 per audio minute. The company offers bonuses for audio with technical terminology or with heavily accented speakers.

The company pays by direct deposit into a U.S. or Canadian bank account on or before the 15th of every month for the work you complete during the previous calendar month.

Applying for a Job

Head to the AccuTran Global jobs page and click the Apply for Work button to save and read an introductory Word document. If you want to proceed after reading all of the requirements, you can download the application using a link at the bottom of the introductory document.

Beyond asking some standard questions, the application includes tests: typing speed, transcription, spelling and punctuation, general grammar, and comprehension. You must complete everything for your application to be considered.

After you've filled out the application, email it as an attachment to with "TRANSCRIPTION TESTING" as the subject line. The company may take up to six weeks to respond.