Air Force Category 5 Criminal Offenses

Police officer making a traffic stop
••• Air Force Category 5 Criminal Offenses. Susan Chiang / Getty Images

AFRS Instruction 36-2001, Air Force Recruiting, lists the below offenses as Category 5 Moral offenses. This list is just a guide. The Air Force will consider violations of a similar nature and traffic offenses as a Category 5 offense. (Exception: The Air Force treats reckless or careless driving as a Category 4 offense). If the offense is for parking tickets, the Air Force counts only tickets written by law enforcement officers for parking in prohibited zones, regardless of the location. They don't count or document any overtime parking tickets and do not count any parking tickets issued by private security firms, campus police, etc.

Conviction or adverse adjudication for six or more Category 5 offenses in a 365-day period in the last 3 years or five Category 5 offenses and one Category 4 traffic-related offense in a 365-day period in the last 3 years is disqualifying. The waiver approval authority is the recruiting squadron commander.

  • Blocking or retarding traffic.
  • Crossing the yellow line, drifting left of center.
  • Disobeying traffic lights, signs, or signals.
  • Driving on shoulder.
  • Driving uninsured vehicle.
  • Driving with blocked or impaired vision.
  • Driving with expired plates or without plates.
  • Driving without license in possession.
  • Driving without registration or with improper registration.
  • Driving wrong way on a one-way street.
  • Failure to display inspection sticker.
  • Failure to have vehicle under control.
  • Failure to keep right or in proper lane.
  • Failure to signal.
  • Failure to stop or yield to a pedestrian.
  • Failure to yield right-of-way.
  • Faulty equipment (defective exhaust, horn, lights, etc., illegal window tint).
  • Following too close.
  • Improper backing.
  • Improper blowing of horn.
  • Improper passing.
  • Improper parking (does not include overtime parking).
  • Improper turn.
  • Invalid or unofficial inspection sticker.
  • Leaving key in ignition.
  • License plates improperly or not displayed.
  • Operating overloaded vehicle.
  • Playing vehicle radio or stereo too loud (noise or sound pollution).
  • Speeding. (Contest for speed, racing, or drag racing is a Category 4 offense.)
  • Spinning wheels, improper start.
  • Seatbelt violation.
  • Zigzagging or weaving in traffic.