Air Force Job: Aircraft Fuel System Specialist (2A6X4)

It's up to these airmen to make sure aircraft fuel systems work properly

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Air Force aircraft fuel systems specialists are responsible for ensuring that all fuel systems on its aircraft are in working order. They often perform safety checks and repairs while an aircraft is in flight, sometimes during combat situations.

This job requires a high degree of focus and concentration. The Air Force categorizes it as 2A6X4.

Duties and Responsibilities of Aircraft Fuel System Specialists

These airmen advise on all manner of fuel system repairs, including removal, installation and maintenance procedures. They diagnose fuel system and component malfunctions and recommend any necessary corrective actions to resolve problems. 

The heart of this Air Force job, however, is performing repairs amd maintenance on aircraft fuel tanks and cells. This work often takes place in confined spaces, and may involve repairing and replacing any malfunctioning components, and preparing any sealants or adhesives needed.

Higher-ranking airmen in this job will be tasked with supervising, inspecting and evaluating fuel systems and any activities. This includes cleaning fuel cells and tanks, and inspecting for foreign objects, fungus and corrosion. They also keep records and update data on all aircraft fuel systems.

Qualifying as an Air Force Fuel Systems Specialist

If you're interested in this job, you should be familiar with the parts and equipment of Air Force aircraft, such as valves, lines, gauges, controls, pumps and other attachments; sealing materials; sheet metal parts; rubber properties and organic sealing compound applications.

These airmen are familiar with how to read technical publications; the concepts and applications of maintenance directives; work policies and procedures and proper handling of hazardous waste and material.

High school-level general science and physics will be of great use to recruits considering this job. You'll need to complete a basic aircraft fuel systems maintenance course and an advanced aircraft fuel systems course.

Higher-ranking airmen will need to know how to install, repair and modify aircraft fuel systems, and eventually, supervising all the tasks related to this job. 

As with most Air Force jobs, you need to have normal color vision to be an aircraft fuel systems specialist. U.S. citizenship also is required for this role. 

Test Requirements for Aircraft Fuel Specialists

Airmen in this job have to score a combined 47 on the mechanical aptitude qualification area of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. This area is comprised of the mechanical comprehension, general science and auto and shop ASVAB sub-tests. 

You'll complete 37 days of advanced training at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. 

Similar Civilian Occupations to Aircraft Fuel Specialists

Although much of what you do in this role is specific to the Air Force, with the training you receive, you should be qualified to work for civilian airlines as a fuel systems repairer or supervisor.