Command and Control Systems Operations Career Field

Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions

USAF TacSat-2 in Orbit
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The Command and Control Systems Operations Career Field encompasses the functions involved in aerospace surveillance and aerospace vehicle detection, including missile warning systems, controlling, and plotting.

This field includes control tower and airways operations; ground-controlled approach procedures; operation of all types of ground radar and related communications equipment, except weather equipment; either manual or semiautomatic plotting functions, or both, performed in aircraft filter centers and intercept control centers; establishing and providing air traffic control services in forward operating areas; operation of space surveillance and detecting and tracking equipment; operation of airborne search and height finding type of radar equipment; airfield management functions of dispatching, maintaining flight plan processing area of flight information data, and coordinating base operations and air operations functions with air traffic control agencies; operations systems management functions of maintaining custodial control and accountability of flight records, preparing and processing aeronautical orders and military pay orders, and compiling, recording, and auditing input data for resource management data systems; performance of command and control functions; operation of electronic warfare countermeasures equipment; functions of operating radio transceivers and associated equipment; performing preventive maintenance on radio communications and related equipment; submitting close air support, tactical air reconnaissance, and airlift mission requests; assisting forward air controllers in tactical air mission planning and operation; and providing terminal strike control as interim substitutes for forward air controllers in emergency conditions.

The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Command and Control Systems Operations Career Field.


Aviation Resource Mgt


Air Traffic Control


Combat Control


Command Post


Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)


Command and Control Battle Management Operations


Space Systems Operations


Airfield Management