Air Force Enlisted Jobs: Specialty Codes

Air Force Specialty Codes And Career Fields

US Air Force Thunderbird Aerial Demonstration Team, F-16 Fighting Falcons
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In the Air Force, enlisted jobs are known as "AFSCs," or "Air Force Specialty Codes."

The Air Force divides their AFSCs (enlisted jobs) into the following overall categories:

Maintenance & Logistics,
Medical & Dental,
Legal & Chaplain,
Finance & Contracting, and
Special Investigations.

Withing these categories, AFSCs are further assigned to "career fields." A career field may have one AFSC assigned to it, or it may have several. AFSCs with similar functions are grouped together in the same career field.


1A - Aircrew Operations - The duties within Aircrew Operations include resolving all types of problems that can make an aircraft unable to perform it's mission. Such skills as fixing airborne systems equipment that involve computer systems, radar and radio systems, and surveillance systems operations activities. The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Aircrew Operations Career Field.

1A0XX In-Flight Refueling 
1A1XX Flight Engineer 
1A2XX Aircraft Loadmaster 
1A3XX Airborne Mission System 
1A4XX Airborne Operations 
1A6XX Flight Attendant 
1A7XX Aerial Gunner 
1A8XX Airborne Cryptologic Linguist
1A9X1 - Special Missions Aviation

1B - Cyberspace Career Field - As a part of cyberspace warfare operations, this career field works with surveillance, combat, reporting and network management systems. The goal is to protect data and network systems beyond passive defense measures. Some operations are in support of intelligence operations as well. 

1B4XX Cyberspace Defense Operations 

1C - Command & Control Systems Operations - The Command and Control Systems Operations Career Field involve aerospace surveillance and aerospace vehicle detection, including missile warning systems, This career field include CCT, TACP, and Air Traffic control and get highly involved with close air support, tactical air reconnaissance. Many within this career field assist forward air controllers in tactical air mission planning and operation and provide terminal strike control as interim substitutes for forward air controllers in emergency conditions.

1C0XX Aviation Resource Management 
1C1XX Air Traffic Control 
1C2XX Combat Control 
1C3XX Command Post 
1C4XX Tactical Air Control Party 
1C5XX Command and Control Battle Management Operations
1C6XX Space Systems Operations 
1C7XX Airfield Management 

1N - Intelligence - All forms of military intelligence is gathered, analyzed and processed to help combat operations doe their job accurately and with precision to assist with target acquisition and recognition.

1N0XX Operations Intelligence 
1N1XX Geospatial Intelligence 
1N2XX Signals Intelligence Analyst 
1N3XX Cryptologic Language Analyst 
1N4XX Network Intelligence Analyst 

1P - Aircrew Flight Equipment - Aircrew Flight Equipment Specialists manage, performs, and schedules inspections, maintenance, and adjustments of assigned aircrew flight equipment (AFE), aircrew chemical defense equipment (ACDE), associated supplies, and inventories assets. They are the life support of the aircraft. 

1POXX Aircrew Flight Equipment 

1S - Safety - This is not an entry-level job and requires a seasoned, mature, airman to be able to manages and conduct safety programs. This career field will also analyze mishap causes and trends, and assesses risk. They also provides risk management and mitigation consultation as well as conducts safety education. 

1S0XX Safety 

1T - Aircrew Protection - These special bred of airmen help to train and rescue down pilots through SERE training programs as well as part of Special Operations Command with Pararescue Airmen. Together, this career field help prepare pilots and crew for the unforeseen and will live up to their motto, "So others may live". 

1T0XX Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape 
1T2XX Pararescue 

1U - Unmanned Aerospace Systems (UAS) - UAS Sensor Operators perform duties as a mission crew member on unmanned aerospace systems. They employ airborne sensors in manual or computer-assisted modes to actively and/or passively acquire, track, and monitor airborne, maritime and ground objects / targets.

1U0XX Career RPA Sensor Operator 

1W - Weather - Using an entire array of fixed and deployable meteorological sensors to measure and evaluate atmospheric and space weather conditions, the weather career field members observe, record, and disseminate weather data and information. 

1W0XX Weather 


2A - Aerospace Maintenance - Maintenance airmen perform and supervise aviation equipment maintenance functions and activities. A focus on operational success requires inspections, repairs, maintenance, and servicing of aviation and support equipment (SE). 

2A0XX Avionics Test Station and Components 
2A3XX Avionics Systems 
2A5XX Aerospace Maintenance 
2A6XX Aerospace Propulsion 
2A7XX Aircraft Metals Technology 

2E - Comm-Elec / WireSystems Maintenance - These highly skilled airmen are critical to the inner workings of all computer and electronic systems on and controlling aircraft - both manned and unmanned. 

2E1XX Satellite, Wideband and Telemetry Systems 
2E2XX Network Infrastructure Systems 
2E6XX Communication Cable and Antenna Systems 

2F - Fuels - Maintenance, storage, quality, security, as well as in-flight refueling equipment must to functioning properly in order the for Air Force operations to conduct missions.

2G - Logistics Plans - Moving equipment and people from one place to another requires organizational and attention to detail to conduct operations all over the world. These airmen are some of the well trained and highly organized people in the military. 

2M - Missile & Space Systems Maintenance - Maintenance Specialists in this career field monitor, operate, and supervise operation of consoles, fault display panels, and other equipment. These technicians monitor status of missiles, UAVs, boosters, payloads, subsystems, and support equipment.

2P - Precision Measurement -   Airmen in this career field are responsible for testing, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE), including precision measurement equipment laboratory (PMEL). They inspect, align, troubleshoot, and repair to PMEL standards.

2R - Maintenance Management Systems - This career field makes sure everything works and is scheduled for routine maintenance before it malfunctions. They plan and schedule aerospace vehicle maintenance and utilization requirements and develop plans and establish production schedules to meet mission requirements.The types of systems are aerospace vehicles, AGE, munitions, missiles, space systems, and associated support systems through maintenance phases.

2R0XX Maintenance Management Analysis 
2R1XX Maintenance Management Production 

2T0XX Traffic Management 
2T1XX Vehicle Operations 
2T2XX Air Transportation 
2T3XX Vehicle Maintenance 

2W - Munitions & Weapons - The maintenance, storage, and repair of highly technical weapons systems and munitions is the job this career field focuses on in support of military operations. 


3A - Information Management

3C - Communication-Computer Systems

3C0XX Communication-Computer Systems 
3C1XX Information Systems Technology 
3C2XX Network Integration 

3D - Cyberspace Support - Cyberspace support airmen manage process of planning, coordinating, sharing, and controlling organization’s data assets. Updates or uses data vocabularies and metadata catalog, enabling data to be accessed, tagged, and searched regardless of physical location, media, source, owner, or other defining characteristics

3D0XX Knowledge Operations Management 
3D1XX Client Systems 

3E - Civil Engineering - Building structures, living quarters, as well as water and fuel systems and explosive ordnance disposal are some of the many jobs performed by the engineers in the Air Force. 

3E0XX Electrical Systems 
3E1XX Heating, Ventilation, AC, Refrigeration 
3E2XX Pavement and Construction Equipment 
3E3XX Structural 
3E4XX Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance 
3E5XX Engineering 
3E6XX Operations Management 
3E7XX Fire Protection 
3E8XX Explosive Ordnance Disposal 
3E9XX Emergency Management 

3N - Public Affairs - Any announcement or press release from the Air Force will be produced by Public Affairs specialists. Trained in multi-media communication methods from print, video, audio, and internet / digital, and all forms of media, the public affairs personnel enable the Air Force to control the message and update the public. 

3N0XX Public Affairs 
3N1XX Regional Band 
3N2XX Premier Band 

3P - Security Forces (Military Police) - Military police guard, protect and and secure all equipment, people on bases all over the world. 

3S - Mission Support - Personnel and manpower are part of any large organization.  Mission Support specialists make sure the military manning requirements are fulfilled and up to date with the necessary training and work support. 

3S0XX Personnel 
3S1XX Equal Opportunity 
3S2XX Education and Training 
3S3XX Manpower 


4A-V - Medical - Medical benefits for all military members requires highly qualified members of the military to be skills in medical procedures. This career field assists doctors, nurses, and hospital administration with their duties and are the backbone of the military medical system. 

4A0XX Health Services Management 
4A1XX Medical Material 
4A2XX Biomedical Equipment 
4B0XX Bioenvironmental Engineering 
4C0XX Mental Health Service 
4D0XX Diet Therapy 
4E0XX Public Health 
4H0XX Cardiopulmonary Laboratory 
4J0XX Physical Medicine 
4M0XX Aerospace and Operational Physiology 
4N0XX Aerospace Medical Service 
4N1XX Surgical Service 
4P0XX Pharmacy 
4R0XX Diagnostic Imaging 
4T0XX Medical Laboratory 
4V0XX Ophthalmic 

4Y - Dental - Every airman has medical and dental care.  These are the health care professionals who provide oral and dental care for all members on base. 


5J - Paralegal - JAG officers prepare large amounts of paperwork for their case loads.  Paralegals are JAG assistants who help the lawyers do their jobs. 

5R - Chaplain Assistant - Religious services are also a part of military life if members choose to take advantage of the services provided by both the Air Force Chaplain and their assistants. 


6C - Contracting - Contracting specialists advise government and contractor personnel on contracting-related issues by obtaining data on marketing trends, supply sources, and trade information. 

6F - Financial - Financial technicians accounts for cash, checks, and other negotiable instruments. They process commitments and obligations, payments, and collections as well as serves as financial advisor to commanders and resource managers


7S - Special Investigations (OSI) - This is an advanced career path that is not an entry level position.  They conducts criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, personal background, and technical services investigations and special inquiries and manage special investigations activities.


Special Duty Assignments are usually jobs that a member performs temporarily, working outside of their normal AFSC. When the special duty tour is completed, members usually return to their primary AFSC (enlisted job). Examples would be recruiter, first sergeant, or military training instructor.

8X - Special Duty Identifiers - There are many auxiliary jobs within the Air Force. From Postal Service, recruiting, to Honor Guards for ceremonies, there are jobs in the Air Force that require special training.

8A1XX Career Assistance Adviser 
8A2XX Enlisted Aide 
8B0XX Military Training Instructor 
8B1XX Military Training Leader 
8B2XX Academy Military Training NCO 
8C0XX Airmen/Family Readiness Center 
8D0XX Strategic Debriefer
8F0XX First Sergeant 
8G0XX Honor Guard 
8H0XX Airman Dorm Leader 
8M0XX Postal 
8P0XX Courier 
8P1XX Defense Attaché 
8R0XX Enlisted Accessions Recruiter 
8R2XX Second-Tier Recruiter 
8R3XX Third-Tier Recruiter 
8S0XX Missile Facility Manager 
8T0XX Professional Military Education Instructor 

9X - Special Reporting Identifiers - Throughout your career - from the start to nearing the end at some of the higher ranks and responsibilities, special codes are given to identify the status of airmen. 

9A0XX Awaiting Retraining-Reasons Beyond Control 
9A1XX Awaiting Retraining-Reasons Within Control 
9A2XX Awaiting Discharge, Separation, Retirement for Reasons Within Their Control 
9A3XX Awaiting Discharge, Separation, Retirement for Reasons Beyond Their Control 
9C0XX Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force 
9D0XX Dormitory Manager 
9E0XX Command Chief Master Sergeant 
9F0XX First Term Airmen Center 
9G1XX Group Superintendent 
9J0XX Prisoner 
9L0XX Interpreter/Translator 
9P0XX Patient 
9R0XX Civil Air Patrol-USAF Reserve Assistance NCO 
9S1XX Scientific Applications Specialist 
9T0XX Basic Enlisted Airman 
9T1XX Officer Trainee 
9T2XX Pre-Cadet Assignee 
9WOXX Wounded Warrior 

The Air Force offers a wide variety of jobs for any given skill set.  Most are highly technical and require an above average ASVAB score compared to other services.