Retail and Restaurant Corporations Headquartered in Alabama

Exterior of Hyundai manufacturing plant in Alabama

Carol M. Highsmith / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain Photo

Even though Alabama isn’t considered to be a state that is a thriving hub for the U.S. retail industry, there are some well known national retail chains like Books-a-Million, Hibbets Sports, and Just for Feet with headquarters in Alabama cities. The HQ level management jobs for regional restaurant chains like Milos's, Jack’s Family Restaurants, and Sneaky Pete's are also located in Alabama. Automotive retailing companies Toyota, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz all have major facilities in Alabama cities as well, although retail-related jobs for these auto companies may not be headquartered specifically in these Alabama facilities.

Valuable Retail Brands

A few of the world’s most valuable retail brands have their home offices in the state of Alabama, which is good news for those seeking professional-level jobs in the state of Alabama in general, and those seeking management positions in specific retail companies which call an Alabama city their home. Job hunters who are looking for professional home office management jobs in the state of Alabama with the largest U.S. retail companies will need to know the Alabama cities where those retail headquarters buildings are located.

The retail career path still allows retail employees to climb the retail corporate ladder from an entry-level retail store job to a retail management position. But these days, most retail headquarters jobs require specific retail education and experience, and most upper-level retail executives today start their retail careers in headquarters positions, not as a retail store cashier. So for retail job seekers who want to live and work in Alabama, it’s best to look for companies that are headquartered in Alabama first, and then search for job opportunities in their home office, rather than trolling malls for entry-level jobs which may not offer appropriate advancement opportunity.

What follows is a list of the Alabama Retail Company Headquarters list, arranged alphabetically, according to the name of the retail company.

Alabama Headquarters for U.S. Retailing and Restaurant Companies

  • Baumhower’s Restaurants - Loxley, AL
  • Books-A-Million Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Chester's International Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Dreamland Barbecue Headquarters - Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Foosackly's Headquarters - Mobile, AL
  • Gus Mayer Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Hibbett Sports Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Hyundai - Montgomery, AL
  • Jack's Headquarters - Homewood, AL
  • Just for Feet Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Mercedes-Benz USA Headquarters - Vance, AL
  • Milo's Hamburgers Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Sneaky Pete's Headquarters - Birmingham, AL
  • Toyota - Huntsville, AL