Alternate Job Search Websites For Retail Job Seekers

Overlooked Job Search Websites Help Sidestep Competition

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If you don't want to get lost among the millions of people competing for a retail job, then you might want to consider job search websites other than the big ones (CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc.). These alternate job sites are often less populated and therefore, less competitive.

There are many internet job search websites specifically focused on retail industry employment, but they can be overlooked and underutilized just because they're not household names. Listed here are job websites where you can find job openings that may not be listed on the major job search engines.

The best job search resource for you is the one that will connect you to a job that’s perfect for you. Your “right fit” retail job could be waiting for you on any of the websites listed below, so it’s worth your time to check them all out. If you can’t find a good fit in one of these nine places, you may want to seek professional help — from a recruiter, that is.

All of the websites are free to use, and some have paid premium options available. This list is arranged in alphabetical order — not in order of popularity, size, or any type of evaluation of the quality of the services.

​All Retail Jobs

All Retail Jobs has hourly and management job search listings from more than 12,000 retail employers and recruiters. You can get email notifications when jobs are posted matching your saved search specifications. You can also post your resume on the site.

Careers in Grocery

Careers in Grocery allows you to search grocery industry job listings from clerk to general manager in all 50 states. The site encourages you to create a profile and upload a resume to make it easier to apply and for employers to find you. You can also choose to get notified by email when new job listings match what you're looking for.

Write a Killer Cover Letter

Your cover letter is often your first impression on an employer — so, make it count, and make sure it's tailored to the retail job that you want. Start by checking out tips for writing retail cover letters, as well as samples of ideal ones.

Groove Job

Groove Job focuses on part time jobs, student jobs, teen jobs and hourly jobs, many of which are in the retail industry. It also covers part-time and seasonal jobs.

iHire Retail

iHire Retail posts nothing but retail job openings, some of which are exclusive to their website. As of June 2019, it was adding more than 5,520 jobs daily. There's also a premium edition available for $35 per month, which includes many additional features, such as resume match scoring, featured applicant status, and a dedicated career advisor.

National Retail Federation (NRF) Job Board

The NRF Job Board is offered by the world's largest retail trade association. You can search for retail jobs by keyword, job title, location, job function, and more, and you can also sign up to receive job alerts.

Create a Standout Resume

A strong resume will help you stand out in a large pool of candidates. Be sure to check out sample retail resumes and writing tips to find out what to include to help you get noticed.

Oodle Retail, Merchandising & Wholesale Jobs

Oodle aggregates job listings from small and offbeat classified sites. It offers both national and local searches.

Retail Gigs

Retail Gigs focuses exclusively on retail, merchandising, and purchasing jobs. You can sign up to have job listings emailed to you that match your desired job title and location.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired aggregates retail listings from several different medium-sized job search sites. It offers a salary estimator and the ability to easily search for jobs near where you live.

Work In Retail

Work in Retail focuses specifically on retail jobs at all levels and it can send you job recommendations as they are posted. It's created in partnership with the NRF Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of the NRF.

Ace Your Interview

Prepare ahead for your interview by reviewing some common retail interview questions and their ideal answers.