Android Developer Resume Example and Writing Tips

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Android developers build and test mobile apps. They need a number of hard and soft skills, ranging from coding to programming to designing to written and oral communication. However, having these skills is not enough to get a job. You also need to have a strong resume that displays your android developer skills and experiences to advantage.

Review tips on how to write a resume for an Android developer job. Then use the resume example below to help you write and format your own resume for developer positions.

Tips for Writing an Android Developer Resume

Include a resume summary. You might want to include a resume summary (also known as a resume summary statement) at the beginning of your resume. A resume summary provides a hiring manager with a description of your qualifications for the job, including your skills and accomplishments. It might be a few sentences, or a bulleted list, or both. The summary should concisely demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

Include key accomplishments. Underneath each job description, include a list of not just your job tasks, but also your accomplishments. Try to use numbers to quantify those accomplishments. For example, you might list the number of apps you have developed, or explain how you fixed a specific number or percentage of bugs in an app. These accomplishments show the hiring manager how you might add value to his or her company.

Include a skills list. Technical skills are particularly important for an Android developer. You need to know various coding languages, be familiar with APIs, and more. Consider including a “Skills” or “Technical Skills” section in your resume that lists all of your related skills. This will help the employer see, at a glance, that you are qualified.

Edit, edit, edit. Even though technical skills are critical for an Android developer job, you still need a well-written resume. Be sure to thoroughly read through your resume before sending it, proofreading for any spelling and grammar errors. Also make sure your formatting is consistent. For example, if you use bullet points in one job description (which you should do, to highlight particular achievements), be sure to use bullet points in all other job descriptions. Also consider asking a friend, family member, or career counselor to look at your resume as well.

Android Developer Resume Example

John Smith
125 First Street
Austin, TX 78610

A forward-thinking developer offering more than four years of experience building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform.


  • Created 10+ fully functional applications for Android devices.
  • Known for writing efficient, maintainable, and reusable code.
  • Proficient in design, data structures, problem-solving, and debugging.
  • Expert in the interaction between various devices and versions of Android.

ABC Corporation, Seattle, WA                                  
Android Developer, Jan 20XX - present
Project lead of mobile development team for various ABC Corporation Android projects. Collaborate with marketing, key executives, UI designers, and other developers to develop cutting-edge applications for the financial sector without jeopardizing data privacy or security.

Key Tasks and Achievements:

  • Ensure applications are properly integrated with Android APIs.
  • Create SQL database structures that integrate with Android applications and web interfaces.
  • Participate in fast-paced development cycles; have completed 100% of deadlines ahead of schedule.
  • Contribute and participate in new feature/product specifications

XYZ Gaming, Renton, WA                                              
Android Developer, May 20XX - Oct 20XX
Worked with architects, engineers, and product management to deliver user-friendly and visually appealing mobile games for the Android platform.

Key Tasks and Achievements:

  • Created and tested over 50 high-quality Android games that included game functionality, animations, social networks, and server-side integrations.
  • Ensured content met or exceeded business and client requirements 100% of the time.
  • Wrote clean, clear, efficient, well-tested, and maintainable code.
  • Articulated technical risks and obstacles to key stakeholders and managers.

Technology Skills
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix
Tools and Technologies: Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse
Languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python
Certifications: Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)


University of XXX
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

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