Animal Careers

There are numerous fulfilling and lucrative career paths for people with a passion for animals. Whether you're looking to open your own pet shop or start a career as a veterinarian or vet tech, we'll help you make your dreams a reality.
Thoroughbred Racehorses standing at a fence.
Do You Want to Work in the Thoroughbred Industry?
Teenage girl walking several dogs in sunny park
6 Summer Jobs Working With Animals
Veterinarian doing a check-up on a Corgi in clinic
Best Vet Related Job Search Sites
Bottlenose Dolphin paints with paintbrush, while dolphin trainer holds the artwork
How to Get a Job With Marine Animals
Rare Shire Horse Foal Makes A Public Appearance
Best Equine Job Search Sites
A dog walker with six dogs
8 Essential Skills You Need for Working With Dogs
Are There Too Many Veterinarians?
Border Collie Gets a Belly Rub from a Vet
Cover Letter Tips for Animal Careers
veterinary pharmaceuticals
Cover Letter Example: Vet Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
7 Career Tips for New Grads
Tabby Cat Hiding Behind Red Wall
Animal Magazines Seeking Writers
Zoo keeper showing children Green Tree Frog, close-up
Zoo Careers and Job Search Sites
Businessman speaking before inattentive colleagues at meeting
What You Can Learn From a Bad Boss
Veterinarian tending to dog patient
How to Find a Pre-Veterinary Internship
Australian Wildlife Hospital nurse listens to koala's heartbeat.
Learn About Some Popular Animal-Related Degrees
Rothschild giraffe, Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, Africa
Do You Love Animals? Try One of These Careers
Elderly woman in wheelchair pets dogs
Essential Tips for Animal Assisted Therapy Certification
Rows of chickens on a poultry farm
Poultry Internship—Education and Training
Woman training a pack of Golden Retrievers in the snow
Animal Behavior Certification Programs
Vet student examining a puppy
A List of Things to Know About Veterinary School
Butterfly on a flower
Insect Internships for Aspiring Entomologists, Beekeepers
Dog with paws on a fence in an animal shelter
Animal Welfare Internship Guide
Therapeutic riding instructor with a student on horseback on a forest path.
Learn About Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification Options
Veterinarians examining small dog in clinic examination room
The Skills and Talents Needed for Working With Animals
Veterinarian examining a dog
The Best Scholarships to Lower the Cost of a Veterinary Education
animal control officer petting a dog
Certification Programs for Animal Control Officers
Veterinarian examining cow feed in barn
State-By-State List of Where to Go to Get an Animal Science Degree
Certified dog groomer brushing a King Charles Spaniel.
What You Need to Know About Earning A Dog Groomer Certification
A volunteer for Paws to Save Pets
Benefits of Volunteering With Animals
Riding lesson
What to Know About Riding Instructor Certification Programs
Veterinarian doing a check-up on a Corgi in clinic
Should You Attend a Veterinarian Camp?
Vet examining a puppy
Are You Too Old to Go to Vet School? Begin a New Career After 40
Rare Shire Horse Foal Makes A Public Appearance
10 Ways to Gain Experience Working With Animals
Young French Bulldog on the visit to the vet.
Top 10 Tips for Applying to Vet School
Veterinarian giving bulldog a shot
A Look at Some of the Top Veterinary Schools in the United States
Stable hand grooms a white horse
Rundown of Essential Skills Needed for Working with Horses
Zookeeper hand-feeding a kangaroo.
Graduate Degrees for Animal Careers
A dog trainer giving a hand command to Black Labrador dog.
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Dog Trainer
Veterinary technician holding and smiling at cat
The Best Vet Tech Scholarships
A group of dogs with their owners at an obedience class
Top Dog Trainer Certification Programs
Students stand with a dairy farmer and a cow taking notes
How Do You Find Animal Internships?
Smiling female groomer bathing schnauzer in sink at pet salon
Best Online Dog Grooming Schools of 2021
Two barn owls in captivity
Learn About Wildlife Rehabilitation Certification and Training
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) undergoing health check
How to Find Vet Internships and Residencies
Veterinarians bandaging dog's leg in vet's surgery
Here Are Some Tips On How to Get Accepted Into Veterinary School
Dog groomer shaving West Highland Terrier
Starting Your Own Dog Grooming Business
Young woman hugs Morkie breed dog
Here's How to Start a Doggy Day Care Business
Stray Dog Finds Safety In Helping Arms Of Men
Here's What You Need to Know to Learn How to Start an Animal Rescue
Woman working at laptop with Beagle on lap
Learn How to Turn Your Pet-Related Hobby Into a Business
female dog groomer brushing a bichon frise dog
Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Start a Mobile Dog Grooming Salon
A pet sitter putting water bowl down for a sheepdog in her client's home.
7 Steps to Start a Pet Sitting Business
Vendor display space at the Global Pet Expo showing various products being offered.
Pet Product Trade Shows in the U.S. and Abroad
Vizsla dog hanging out convertable car while riding
7 Steps to Launch Your Pet Tax Service
Female volunteer petting a cat in animal shelter
Starting a Nonprofit Animal Organization Guide
Group of Chihuahuas dressed, wearing glasses and bow ties
Here Are Some Tips on How to Increase Sales in a Pet Shop
Dogs sniffing at a jar with biscuits at pet boarding facility.
Tips to Help You Start a Dog Boarding Business
Little girl looking into a gold fish tank
Start Your Own Tropical Fish Pet Store
A dog being groomed
Follow These Steps to Start a Successful Mobile Pet Grooming Business
Woman Kissing a Horse on the Head in Nature
How to Start a Therapeutic Riding Program
Mobile spay and neuter clinic van
Here's What You Need to Start a Low Cost Spay or Neuter Clinic