Are Job Applications Accepted After the Closing Date?

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Job applications are not usually accepted after the date the job posting closes. In rare circumstances, however, organizations accept late applications, but they do this infrequently because they must accept all late applications if they accept one late application. Doing so renders the closing date meaningless. To be fair and transparent, an organization would have to set a new deadline.

Why Employers Set Closing Dates

Organizations set closing dates to cut off the number of applications they must consider for vacant positions. They give the job posting enough time to garner a sufficient applicant pool but not so much time that the volume of applications overwhelms people screening those applications. If it is critical for the position to be filled quickly, the organization might set a shorter deadline than it normally would.

The deadline mitigates the possibility the organization will hire someone who has trouble with deadlines. If someone fails to turn in an application on time, the organization is leery about giving that person any more deadlines to miss. The sample size for measuring lateness is miniscule, but that is all the organization has to judge.

How Online Applications Ensure Timeliness

Online application systems make it easy for applicants to ensure they turn in their application materials on time. Many systems allow each applicant to check the progress of a submitted application through the hiring process. If hiring managers and human resources department staff keep this information up-to-date, they get fewer calls and emails from applicants inquiring about a particular applicant’s standing in the hiring process.