Army Enlisted Job Description and Qualification Factors

Field 12 - Corps of Engineer

Army enlisted jobs are called "MOSs," or "Military Occupation Specialties."

The Army divides their MOSs into "Fields," of jobs that have similar missions. Below are the MOSs that belong to the Corps of Engineer Field:

12A- Engineer Senior Sergeant

12B - Combat Engineer

12C - Bridge Crewmember

12D - Diver

12G - Quarrying Specialist

12H - Constructlon Engineering Supervisor

12K - Plumber

12M - Firefighter

12N - Horizontal Construction Engineer

12P - Prime Power Production Specialist

12Q -Power Line Distribution Specialist

12R - lnterior Electrician

12T - Technical Engineer

12V - Construction and Asphalt Equipment Operator

12W - Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

12X - General Engineering Supervisor

12Y - Geospatial Engineer

12Z - Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant