Army Looking for Warrant Officers

By Sgt. 1st Class Tammy M. Jarrett

WASHINGTON -- The Army is looking for candidates to fill some of its 45 different warrant officer specialties, including the new military occupational specialty 923A, Petroleum Systems Technician, authorized for Oct. 1.

With the Army’s transformation of “units of actions” and retirement, the Army Recruiting Command expects to fill more than 1,200 warrant officer slots this year, said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Anthony L. Edwards.

“The need has always been there,” said Edwards, who is the officer in charge of Headquarters, Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, Ky. “As the UAs increase, warrant officer slots increase.”

Interested Soldiers serving in the enlisted feeder MOSs of 92F, 92L or 92W with a minimum of five years of experience may now apply for the 923A specialty, which will hold its first board in November.

There are also five warrant officer specialties now open to all MOSs, three being in the signal field, said Edwards.

They are: 153A rotary wing aviator, 250N network management technician, 251A information systems technician, 254A signal systems technician, and 882A mobility officer, which was authorized two years ago.

“If you already have a degree in the information systems field (250N, 251A and 245A), you already have what they (warrant officer recruiters) are looking for…experience in the information systems world,” Edwards said.

Edwards said they are looking for active-duty personnel, regardless of service, with five to 12 years of experience. If a person has more than 12 years, then “we can get a waiver,” he said.

Interested candidates must be eligible for and meet the minimum qualifications of the warrant officer MOS they are applying for. Some candidates may also be able to request a prerequisite waiver.

However, Edwards said, there are five non-waiver criteria every candidate must meet before applying for the Warrant Officer Program.

They are:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or naturalized citizen
  2. Have a general technical (GT) score of 110 or higher
  3. Pass the standard three-event Army Physical Fitness Test and meet height/weight standards
  4. Pass a physical for technicians or for aviators
  5. Have a secret clearance (interim secret acceptable to apply)

The maximum age for applying for any of the warrant officer MOSs is 46, except for aviator, which is 29. Edwards said the maximum age for aviator will soon change to 32.

For more information on the Warrant Officer Program, board and briefing schedules, and required forms and documents, visit the U.S. Recruiting Command Web site at