Being a Musician

Whether you're worried about picking a release date for your album, or you're looking for a cheap way to promote your shows, these music tips will prepare you for being a musician.

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Man scanning albums for sale
Should You Self-Release Your Album?
Silhouette of Rock n roll singer
Learn How to Make Enough Money as a Musician to Quit Your Day Job
Young People at Bar
5 Things to Do Before You Play Your First Concert
Full Frame Shot Of Record Disk
Here Are Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Self-Release Your Album
The Grammy is a prestigious music award.
Do You Know How Grammy Winners Are Picked?
Band feeling the love from their fans
Career and Financial Advice for When Your Band Breaks Up
Young band recording in studio
Tips for Picking the Demo Tracks That Will Get Your Band Noticed
An opening band ready to perform
Here Are Some Considerations for How Much the Opening Band Should Make
Bass player with drummer in background
Tips for Acing Your Band Audition
Composing music
How to Get Started in the Music Industry as a Musician or Artist
two men having serious conversation
Reasons to Fire a Band Mate and How to Do It Fairly
Woman recording music at studio
Here's Why to Skip the Professionally Recorded Demo
Man handing CD to another man in car
Why Bringing Your Demo to a Record Label Is a Bad Idea
Woman on phone in front of computer
Benefits of Hiring a Booking Agent for Your Band
Man on stage playing guitar
These Tips Can Help You Get a Booking Agent for Your Band
Record Store
Paying for Music Distribution: A Careful Consideration
Musicians recording music
The Pros and Cons of Signing a Deal With a Major Record Label
Hip-hop music artists working on their music with a sound board in a studio
Even Hip Hop-Rap Beatmakers/Producers Need Professional Representation
A band jumping into the air holding guitars and a drum during a photo shoot.
These 5 Tips Can Help You Take the Perfect Photos of Your Band
Band composing a new song in a studio
Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Music Manager
A stack of music CDs
Should You Use Pressed or Burned CDs for Your Album?
Man playing guitar in a recording studio during a musical recording
What Is a Session Musician?
vendors selling music tour merchandise
Find out What to Expect With Merchandise Deals and Contracts
Feeding off their mutual love for music
5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Indie Album Release Date
Image shows a trio of musicians playing trumpet, violin, and clarinet. Text reads: "a day in the life of a session musician: perform with solo artists and bands, often work in studios, most work comes from word of mouth, play what others have written"
Session Musician Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Band composing a new song in a studio
Helpful Tips on How to Find Musicians and Start a Band
Self-promoting your music is an important skill.
How to Self-Promote Your Music
Paying for cocktail
Before You Sign a Music Manager Contract
Girl playing the violin in concert hall
Top Music Schools on the West Coast
CD reflecting sheet music
The Pros and Cons of Making Your Own Music Release
Young woman using a laptop to record herself playing guitar at home.
Tips on How to Record a Music Demo of Your Music at Home Inexpensively
Mixing desk in a recording studio
Getting Your Demo Heard After You've Sent It to the Label
Recording Engineer at Mixing Console in a Studio
How Do Music Producers Get Paid?
Eastman School of Music_-_Kilbourn_Hall
A Guide to the Best Music Schools in the East
performer standing on a stage with a crowd
The Best Cities for Musicians and Music Careers
Close-Up Of Microphone
Are You Ready to Attend a Music Industry Convention?
Songwriter Composing Music.
How Can I Join BMI or ASCAP?
James Barker Band on stage preforming for an audience.
Writing a Band Biography in 4 Easy Steps
Midsection Of Man Playing Guitar
Here Are Some Tips to Help Find a Music Manager to Manage Your Band
Close up of a session player fingerpicking a guitar.
7 Things You Should Do to Find Session Musician Work
LIVE 8 - Philadelphia - Production Atmosphere - Day 2
Here Is an Overview of How Tour Merchandising Works
Song writer with guitar
Learn About the Performance Rights Organizations BMI and ASCAP
Male musician holds microphone and guitar on stage surrounded by strong light and smoke
Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Jumpstart Your Music Career
Man on stage playing guitar in nightclub
Here Are Tips on How to Know When You Are Ready to Play Live Music
A musician recording a music demo
What Happens to a Demo at a Record Label?
Man standing on a stage
What Are the Signs I Should Quit My Band?
Close up of musician's sneakers on stage about to perform.
Here's How to Decide Whether to Hire a Music Manager
Man Playing Piano and a Woman Holding an Acoustic Guitar and Singing, on a Smokey Stage
Do We Need a Band Contract?
Apple's iTunes To Sell Beatles' Music
Do You Need a Physical Music Release?
Music major students working in music room on a college campus.
BA, BM, or BS... Navigating Music Degrees Available at College
Pool and Sculpture at Lincoln Center
What Are the Five Top Music Schools in the Midwest?
3 Problems in Today's Music Industry Every Musician Needs to Know
Closeup of a hand on a mixing board in a music studio
How Does a Record Label Decide What Advance to Pay Me?
Close up of a musician playing a guitar
How to Know if Playing Music Full Time Is Right for You
Band performing music
Considering the Pros and Cons of Setting Up a Band as a Business
Musicians on stage
A Step by Step Guide on How Musicians Can Book Gigs and Concerts
a rock band playing live
Here Are Some Tips on Booking and Etiquette of Being an Opening Band
A small musical concert being held on a rooftop at sunset.
How to Land a Deal With Concert Tour Sponsors
Close-Up Of Guitar Amplifier
Learn How to Plan and Book a Concert Tour On Your Own
band playing on stage with fans cheering
How to Get a Great Music Gig in 6 Simple Steps

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