The Benefits of Inside Sales Positions

With an increasing number of employers adding Inside Sales positions to their workforce, many sales professionals are finding that the many of the openings discovered during their job search are no longer in outside sales positions and are wondering what the benefits to inside sales are.

While those in Inside Sales positions certainly have their own list of reasons why they love inside sales, here are the commonly stated benefits that Inside Sales professionals enjoy.

Increased Sense of Teamwork

Woman in call center on phone
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Many employed in the Inside Sales industry claim that they have a greater sense of being on a team than those working in an outside sales position. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. For one, many inside sales professionals work in an office with many other inside sales professionals and often work alongside several teammates. While proximity is not always a good thing, it seems to add to a sense of teamwork for those in Inside Sales.

Another potential reason why there is an increase in the sense of teamwork is the ability for inside sales professionals to more quickly "vent" to teammates. Those in outside sales are often out on calls alone and don't have "an ear to bend" when something goes wrong. An Inside Sales Professional, however, is often never further than a cubicle away from finding someone to talk with.

Being part of a good sales team is one of the key factors for many in sales and those in Inside Sales seem to have a unique advantage over those in Outside Sales.

More Casual Work Enviornment

Inside Sales, positions can often be fast paced, high stress and very dynamic environments. Employers recognize that these issues can create a work culture that either causes employees to quit or experience diminished results.

To help counteract and mitigate these negative job-potentials, several employers who employ teams of inside sales reps have instituted a more casual work culture. This casual work culture can include a more "relaxed" dress code, creating a more "home-like" atmosphere with less institutional looking furniture and more stress-busting activities.

Some very large call centers come equipped with on-premise gyms, cafeterias as well as break rooms that are designed around comfort.

Direct and More Timely Feedback

With some of the advancements in office telephone systems, sales managers can now listen in to the phone conversations of their employees to learn where their strengths and weaknesses are. Once identified, managers can provide immediate feedback to help the employee improve their sales skills.

While some employees feel that having their manager so involved in their day to day activities, others will view managerial feedback as a great asset in their professional development goals.

Beyond just listening to phone conversations of employees, managers of Inside Sales Professionals are quite often with their teams during work hours. This proximity allows them great access to employees to facilitate more training, reinforce company initiatives and, most importantly, provide immediate positive feedback and recognition when an employee delivers excellence.

Contests, Prizes and Awards

Almost all of those in sales have worked for or currently work for an employer that runs sales contests. From company-paid trips to cash prizes, the sales industry is filled with additional incentives beyond normal compensation.

It holds especially true for the inside sales industry. In general, Inside Sales Professionals are less of a financial burden to companies that are Outside Sales Professionals. Many use a portion of these savings to further motivate their sales force by using more frequent and more creative sales contests.

Some companies use sales results or activity levels as their "contest qualifiers" while others employ more creative factors like positive customer feedback received.

Regardless of what the contests are based on, expect plenty of awards and contests during your Inside Sales Career.