Best Cool Jobs and How to Find Them

Fishing, Festivals, Cooking, Traveling, Yoga, and More

Are you looking for adventure? Love to travel? Want to work in the great outdoors? Here's an overview of cool jobs in different fields, as well as information on how to land one of these gigs, and inside information about what each job is really like.

Alaska Fishing Jobs

Commercial fishing vessels in the Homer harbor, Southcentral Alaska
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If you enjoy the excitement and adventure of being on a boat and working hard with a small crew, consider a job fishing in Alaska. Fisherman Scott Coughlin shares information on Alaska fishing jobs, including how to get to Alaska, the types of jobs available, and life on an Alaskan fishing boat.

Disney Theme Parks Jobs and Internships

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse perform in front of the Cinderella Castle
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Whether you choose an airborne elephant, a magic carpet, or the control center of a space shuttle hurtling towards Mars, there are many ways to make your dream of working at Disney take flight. Here's advice on how to make your Disney dream come true.

Equine Jobs at the Racetrack

Woman grooming horse head
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The speed, the sound of horses thundering down the track, the excitement of winning —these are all enticing factors that lure people to jobs at the racetrack. Read here for information on equine jobs available at the track, including jobs working with trainers and horse owners.

Fashion Industry Jobs

Fashion model
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If you enjoy following the latest fashion trends, consider a job in the fashion industry. There are a number of diverse job titles in the industry, ranging from designer to model to sales representative. Read here for more information on the different kinds of fashion industry jobs available.

Flexible Jobs When You Can Set Your Own Schedule

work at home
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There are many jobs that allow you to set your own schedule. This is ideal if you are a student, a parent, are semi-retired, or you simply want the flexibility to take days off whenever you want. Many of these are work at home jobs or jobs you can do remotely, although others involve working at a specific location. Read here for a list of jobs that allow you to create your own work schedule.

Food Industry Jobs

Female chef tasting food from saucepan in commercial kitchen
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Do you want to work in the food industry? There are a variety of culinary jobs to fit your interests and abilities, including craft brewer, food lawyer, and personal chef. Read here for more on some of the unique jobs in the food industry

Jobs Where You Can Make a Difference

Office Environment in a diverse office
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There is a wide spectrum of careers for people who want to give back to their community and make a difference in the world. You can find jobs that help save the world in industries as wide-ranging as healthcare, energy, law enforcement, and education. 

Green Jobs

Sustainable energy engineer holding laptop
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If you want a job that will contribute to taking care of the planet, consider a green job. There are green jobs in every industry, from law to biology to engineering to farming. Check out this list to get a sense of the kinds of green jobs available, along with information on salary and job outlook for each position.

Marijuana Jobs

Martina Paraninfi / Getty Images

With medicinal marijuana legal in many states and recreational marijuana legal in an increasing number of states, there are more jobs than ever in the marijuana industry. Read this list of the various jobs available in the marijuana industry, including jobs in sales, management, farming, security, and more.


Promoting marriage equality
Oleksandra Korobova / Moment / Getty Images

Passionate about LGBTQ issues? If you want to focus your career on an issue you believe in, consider a ​job related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer issues. This list contains jobs ranging from therapist to nonprofit employee to professor to marriage officiant.

Music Festival Jobs

people at festival
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Do you love music? Perhaps you even have a favorite music festival? There are a variety of jobs associated with music festivals, from brand ambassadors to yoga teachers to accountants. Read here for tips on how to find a job that will allow you to attend a festival while earning some money.

Night Owl Jobs

young analyst working at office computer at night
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If you like to stay up late and sleep through the morning, a 9-to-5 job might not be for you. Many jobs that involve night shifts actually pay quite well, because fewer people want to take those shifts. There are night shift jobs in many industries, from healthcare to transportation to security. Check out this list of jobs that require night shifts.

Seasonal Jobs

camp counselor with children
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 If you are looking for short-term work, there are a number of cool seasonal jobs that offer you the chance to travel and/or to be outdoors. Consider a job, for example, at a resort, at summer camp, or on a farm. Read here for a list of seasonal jobs and tips on how to get a seasonal job that is right for you.

Travel Jobs

Travel Related Items
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If you love to travel, there are a number of jobs across the world that might be right for you. There are seasonal jobs, jobs and internships for students, teaching abroad jobs, and more. Check out this list of international job opportunities for American citizens. 

Unconventional Jobs for Millennials

Fitness instructor
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Many millennials are looking for jobs that are flexible and do not take place in a cubicle. Read this list of five of the best unconventional jobs for millennials, or for anyone looking for a flexible, unusual job. 

Unique and Weird Jobs

Labrador with acupuncture needles in skin
Gary Ombler / Getty Images

If you like the idea of a nontraditional job, check out this list of interesting, unique, and weird jobs. From a greeting card artist to a jewelry designer to an Ayurveda healer, this list has a job for just about everyone.

Yoga Jobs

Yoga instructor helping people reach a triangle pose in studio
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Yoga is a growing industry. There are therefore a number of job opportunities for yoga enthusiasts. Consider a job as a yoga teacher, a brand ambassador, a studio manager, and more. Read here for more details on these jobs and others.