Top 7 Best Free Job Search Apps

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You’re busy, your life is hectic, you don’t have a lot of time for job searching, and you don’t want to be stuck to your laptop or use your work computer to job hunt. You don’t need to. Just like almost everything else in your life, job searching has gone mobile and you can do it on the go.

There isn’t much you can’t do with one of the apps that connects job seekers with available positions. Most of the application process can be done with your phone or tablet, though it can be a bit cumbersome at times. Even so, you can search and apply for jobs without using a computer. Taking it a step further, some of the apps will enable you to create a resume, match you with open jobs, and apply directly from the app, saving you search time.

Which apps should job seekers use to give their job search a boost? There are many apps to choose from for both iOS and Android devices, so I asked someone who knows all about apps for his recommendations. Yarden Tadmor, the founder and CEO of Switch, the job-matching app designed to streamline your job search, shares information on seven free mobile job apps for job seekers.

7 Free Mobile Apps to Boost Your Job Search

1. Indeed Job Search
Indeed is the best app of the massive desktop job boards. Indeed allows you to upload your resume and apply rather easily. This app can feel too much like a mobile extension of the desktop platform. It is search-based, making it harder to passively discover new positions. The app also requires you to fill in some job-specific information in order to apply to some positions, including items like cover letters, portfolios and samples. That can be an anxious process when you’re doing all that from a handheld device.

2. CareerBuilder
CareerBuilder's app provides job seekers with tools for every step of a job search and beyond. Users can create and save a personalized resume with a few clicks. You can then use your resume to apply for jobs of interest. There are alerts that proactively inform you when your resume has been viewed and who is viewing it.

Job searching is simple and easy with the artificial intelligence and augmented reality powered app. Humair Ghauri, CareerBuilder’s Chief Product Officer, says, “We can tell you which jobs are in your immediate vicinity or any designated distance and provide an augmented reality view of job openings – and what they pay — as you walk by businesses. Our local targeting provides a map view and list view of jobs and serves up an entirely different experience for job seekers.” 

In addition, the app sends notifications on new job openings based on the job seekers’ preferences and show higher paying jobs with information on acquiring the skills needed to get to the next level. Users can use the tools to start planning for the next stage of their career.

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3. Switch
Switch is a new kind of job marketplace – mobile-only, convenient and easy to use. It’s a nimble and responsive weapon in your job search arsenal, bringing you positions based on your skills and experience and allowing you to apply via mobile with nothing but a swipe. Quickly import your professional profile from social media and browse and apply at your own pace, with your identity revealed only after you match with an employer. Unlike the major job boards’ mobile apps, Switch is completely mobile and, therefore, doesn’t require you already to have a web account before you can apply.

The downside? Because the app is still in its early stages, it lacks the depth and breadth of jobs that you might find on an Indeed or Monster. (Disclaimer: I asked Yarden to include his company’s app on the list)

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4. Glassdoor
Very similar to its much-heralded desktop experience, Glassdoor allows mobile users to both access thousands of up-to-date job listings while getting first-hand knowledge of companies from current and former employees. The app is segmented into different categories – jobs, companies, salaries and interviews – and can feel a little overwhelming to navigate. Much like the Glassdoor desktop experience, the company reviews and employee insights are the attraction here. Filling out full applications via your mobile device?

Not so much.
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5. SnagAJob
The premiere mobile job app for hourly employees, SnagAJob understands that the non-salary workforce needs to move fast. After importing your social profile from Facebook or Google and filling in personal details, browse hourly positions in your area and click to apply. Filter positions by Schedule (part-time, seasonal, summer jobs) and Type of Job (automotive, construction, food & restaurant) and Distance. The app also features a handy map function to show you the company’s location.

Drawbacks? While SnagAJob has many jobs that need just a single click to apply, some require a longer application process, and the lack of skilled, salaried positions can feel limiting.
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6. Good.Co
The job search is as much about self-discovery as it is job discovery, and Good.Co is a useful reminder of that fact. The app users find companies and careers that will benefit their overall well being, not just their bank account. Through personality quizzes like What Are Your Unique Strengths? and How Do You Come Across to Others?, Good.Co unlocks increasingly nuanced insights about yourself and offers you companies and jobs that might match your personality and working style. You cannot apply to these jobs within the app, but instead are redirected back to major job boards for that part of the process.

7. Simply Hired
Another job aggregator, Simply Hired has a continuously improving mobile app interface. Recently, they added features that allow job seekers to sort their job searches by date and relevance, in an attempt to relieve the crushing weight of endless job scrolling. Your homepage includes your recent searches and it is easy to save and share jobs. Like other search apps, though, Simply Hired seems to have one foot in mobile and the other on desktop. For example, some jobs allow one-touch mobile applications, while others require you to upload a resume and even a cover letter.

The app is still search-based, requiring candidates to find relevant jobs rather than have them delivered, and the user experience can feel like the web platform shrunken down to a smartphone screen.

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