7 Best Jobs for Single Moms Starting Over


Teacher working with a student
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Jobs in education top of the list of "best jobs for single moms." Why? It's not just because of the hours. Whether you're a full-time classroom teacher, substitute teacher, teacher's aide, or paraprofessional serving in the classroom, you're tapping into a much-needed skill that you've earned by working with your own children ... and that's the skill of paying attention to other people's needs. In the case of teachers and education professionals, your job is to meet the needs of children—who often desperately need to be surrounded by compassionate, loving adults. You can give that gift and make a difference, every day! So if you're looking for a career change or ways to earn more income as a single mom, consider going into education. 

Healthcare Professional

Female healthcare worker
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Here's another ideal job for single moms heading back into the workforce. Think about it. You've poured your heart into caring for your kids; you've got what it takes to care for others. And among healthcare professional jobs, there are many options to choose from—not just doctors and nurses, but medical assistants, home healthcare aides, lab technicians, and even phlebotomists. So if you're looking for an ideal job for single moms, consider healthcare. In addition to being in demand and well-paying, healthcare jobs often have alternative schedules that can reduce your dependence on finding quality child care options.


Female sales professional
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Have you ever considered a job in sales? While these positions don't usually top "best jobs for single moms" lists, consider the benefits: Your pay is generally based on commission, which means that working harder can mean being paid more. Plus, there are many parts of sales jobs that involve behind-the-scenes work—which can often be done from home. So like some healthcare jobs, this could be an opportunity to reduce your dependence on child care.

Marketing Professional

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Are you passionate and convincing? Consider a career as a marketing professional. You may think you don't have the skills to put on your resume, but you probably do a lot of "marketing" already. Think about it ... how often do you "pitch" something to your kids or reframe your ex's point of view? You could be a born marketer! Consider roles that allow you to capitalize on your natural skills, too. So if you enjoy planning parties and gatherings, try event marketing. And if you're a skilled writer, look for opportunities in content marketing or copywriting. And if you're a single mom who spends every waking moment on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter--try social media marketing. 

Freelance From Home

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Are you looking for more flexibility as a working mom? Try freelancing. A wide range of skills are needed—including writing, graphic design, and website design. Freelance virtual assistants are also growing in number, so if you have good organizational and computer skills, consider that as another viable at-home profession. 


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Entrepreneur also tops the list of "best jobs for single moms." Whether you dream of creating and selling your own products or starting a full-fledged business, striking out on your own provides another opportunity to be highly successful. Be sure to surround yourself with positive role models, like other single mom business owners and entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences and resources, too.


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Finally, another top job for single moms is being a nanny, babysitter, or daycare teacher. You already know that you love kids and have what it takes to be loving and firm, so why not make a career of it? Reach out to your local community college for classes in early childhood or get your start by working at a local child care center.