The 25 Best Jobs with Horses

The Best Horse-Related Career Paths for People who Love Horses

A horse in a stable
Inti St. Clair/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

The equine industry has grown quickly in recent years, with horse owners showing a growing willingness to spend money on care, products, and services for their animals. This has, in turn, spurred growth for equine career paths at an accelerated rate. Here is a rundown of our 25 favorite careers with horses (in alphabetical order):

  1. Barn Manager: Barn managers supervise all aspects of horse care and manage the staff at equine facilities.
  2. Bloodstock Agent: Bloodstock agents assist with the sale and purchase of thoroughbreds through auctions or private transactions. They may also be involved with the sale of stallion seasons (breedings).
  3. Broodmare Manager: Broodmare managers are involved with all aspects of broodmare and foal care on the breeding farm. They usually participate in foaling duties or are on-call during foaling season to assist the night watchmen when a mare appears ready to foal.
  4. Dude Ranch Wrangler: Dude ranch wranglers provide care for ranch horses and supervise guests on trail rides, cattle drives, and camping experiences.
  5. Equine Dental Technician: Equine dental technicians work closely with veterinarians to diagnose and treat dental issues, providing both regular dental maintenance and emergency care.
  6. Equine Insurance Agent: Equine insurance agents market a wide variety of insurance policy options to provide coverage for the horses owned by their clients.
  7. Equine Massage Therapist: Equine massage therapists use their techniques to boost circulation, relax muscles, relieve pain, and enhance the range of motion in their equine patients.
  8. Equine Photographer: Equine photographers use their artistic and technical skills to capture quality photographic images of horses at rest or in competition. The photos may be used to create art, or they may be used for commercial (advertising) purposes.
  9. Equine Product Sales Rep: Equine product sales representatives are tasked with marketing horse related products to retailers on behalf of manufacturers and distributors.
  10. Exercise Rider: Exercise riders guide racehorses through their morning workouts at racetracks and training centers.
  11. Farm Manager: Farm managers provide top-level management for horses, staff, and equine facilities.
  12. Farrier: Farriers provide a variety of hoof care services including routine trimming, shoeing, and corrective enhancements.
  13. Groom: A groom provides routine care, oversees basic medical treatments, and supervises the day-to-day activities of each horse under their supervision.
  14. Jockey: A jockey rides racehorses when they compete at the track. They work closely with the racehorse trainer to develop strategies that will give the horse its best chance to win.
  15. Mounted Police Officer: Mounted police officers conduct patrols and provide crowd control while acting in a law enforcement capacity.
  16. Outrider: An outrider works to promote safety at the racetrack by supervising workout sessions, catching loose horses, and assisting with race day traffic.
  17. Racehorse Trainer: A racehorse trainer is responsible for managing all aspects of the preparation, management, and daily care of racehorses. 
  18. Riding Instructor: Riding instructors coach students in specific equestrian disciplines, either for pleasure or competition.
  19. Saddle Fitter: Saddle fitters evaluate and adjust the balance of saddles owned by clients to ensure that the horse and rider team can perform effectively.
  20. Stallion Booking Secretary: A stallion booking secretary coordinates the scheduling of breeding appointments for the stallions kept on their farm.
  21. Stallion Manager: Stallion managers supervise the care, handling, and breeding shed activities of breeding farm stallions.
  22. Trainer: A trainer is involved with teaching horses to respond effectively to specific cues from their riders.
  23. Veterinarian: Equine veterinarians diagnose and treat horses used for recreation, sport, or breeding purposes.
  24. Veterinary Technician: Equine vet techs assist veterinarians with a variety of procedures including exams, treatments, and surgeries.
  25. Yearling Manager: A yearling manager is tasked with the comprehensive management and care of young, rapidly growing horses.