The 7 Best Online Photoshop Classes of 2020

Learn how to transform your images from home

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If you want to learn how to digitally manipulate images or improve the quality of your photos, learning Adobe Photoshop is essential. Understanding this image editing tool is best done through Photoshop classes.

There are offerings for beginners right through to advanced users, with free tutorials and in-depth, multi-step courses that walk you through everything from basic image manipulation to full-on effects creation and digital painting. It's all at your fingertips if you're willing to learn, and there are almost always downloadable assets and direct support from teachers to help you on your Photoshop journey.

You will need a copy of Photoshop to follow along with these classes and to try out some of the techniques you're taught. You can, however, take advantage of Adobe's Photoshop seven-day free trial to get started. After that, it's around $10 a month for the basic Photoshop and Lightroom package with 20GB of cloud storage. Cost varies depending on additional app access and cloud storage space.

Alternatively, many of these courses will work with older versions of Photoshop if you have them, but be aware that the interface can differ depending on which version you're using. Here are the best online Photoshop classes so you can start learning today.

The 7 Best Photoshop Classes of 2020

Best Overall: CreativeLive Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide



One Photoshop class that is consistently recommended and receives stellar reviews is CreativeLive Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide, with Ben Wilmore. It offers a 25-hour course spread over 21 lessons of HD video, all designed to take you from novice to master.

Wilmore has taught more than 100,000 Photoshop users how to understand the versatility of the tool. You'll enjoy his comfortable, accessible teaching style that shines through in his video tutorials.

The course combines manipulation of images and photos with creating your own graphics and artwork, and it teaches you how to use the RAW files from your camera to get close to the metal of every image you work with for the best results. You'll learn to accelerate your workflow, with keyboard shortcut tips to make for a more seamless Photoshop using experience.

Best of all, this one is extremely affordable, coming in at around $59. That price includes lifetime access to all resources, so you're able to retake the course in the future at no additional cost.

Best for Beginners: Using Photoshop for Beginners



Taking the hand of a beginner and guiding them through their first steps with any new skill is a big responsibility. That's why when it comes to Photoshop tutorials for new users, Phil Ebiner and his Udemy class on Using Photoshop for Beginners is a top pick.

The course is designed for those who have never opened Photoshop before and starts right from launching the software before progressing through an understanding of the interface. You'll learn how to create new files, and manage photos, graphics, and your own personal projects.

Along with being an easy class to pick up, Udemy's pricing is excellent, offering a multi-step course for around $10. Ebiner and his team offer premium video content in high-definition for easy understanding and learning at your own pace, as well as project files and assets for downloading to easily follow along.

If you get stuck, there's even the option of hands-on support from the instructor and others like him, making it a perfect segue into learning Photoshop.

Best Free: Adobe Get Started



If you feel like the cost of Photoshop itself is all you want to spend, then why not try one of the free tutorials out there? Our favorite is Adobe's own instructional database of lessons.

The Get Started course explains the interface and layout of Photoshop, how to change the size of images, work with layers, and even improve the quality of your photos and pictures.

It also has tutorials if you want to edit photos, learn website and graphic design, or understand the wonders of layer masking. If you prefer to learn while working on your own project, there are courses designed specifically around a final goal to make it easier to learn as you create.

Should you feel like you're a bit beyond the basics, there are more advanced courses you can do, too, including ones that teach you how to integrate your Photoshop projects with other Adobe applications.

Best SkillShare Course: Essentials Training Course



SkillShare is a popular platform for people wanting to learn a variety of subjects, with Photoshop among them. And while there are many informative Photoshop classes on SkillShare, the Essentials Training Course with Daniel Scott is a standout.

As one of the most popular Photoshop courses on SkillShare ever to be released, Scott's class is comprehensive and starts with the basics.

You don't have to start from the beginning if you already have some Photoshop skills, though. But with more than eight hours of tutorials, you're bound to learn plenty. For example, expect to learn how to manipulate existing images, create your own graphics, and combine them to make an exciting work of your own.

If you need any examples along the way or a good starting point, there are exercises and completed files to use as a guide.

Best LinkedIn: Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training



If you're a fan of LinkedIn and its built-in learning platform, the Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training is an excellent starting point for folks looking to use Photoshop for the first time.

The course will help you understand everything from how to open documents in Photoshop and from Bridge and Lightroom, to working with layers and masks and removing unnecessary elements from an existing picture. There's even an entire section dedicated to speeding up your workflow by adjusting and customizing keyboard shortcuts.

Compatible with tablets and phones, the course (which costs around $35) has project files to work from, quizzes for each chapter to test your skills, and a certificate upon completion to reward you for your hard work.

If that's all a little too basic for you, though, there's a one-on-one mastery course with Deke McCelland, who breaks down some of the more complicated Photoshop skills you can learn, step by step.

Best Quick Class: Photoshop Beginners Mastery - Zero to Hero



If you don't have time to sit through hours of video tutorials and feel like you can intuitively grasp things like interface and basic design choices, a quick Photoshop course may be for you.

Our favorite is the Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero course on Udemy. Taught by Chad Neuman, it is available in a number of languages and comes with all the resources you'll need to get started. What's more, it's only three hours long.

That doesn't mean it's lacking in content, though. It covers everything the big courses do, but in a more concise manner. That includes managing different screen modes, working with a variety of file types, blending Bridge and Photoshop for a more complete experience, and even creating your own home-brew HDR effects.

The video content is backed up by in-depth articles that explain everything you need to know, which is nice if you learn best by reading and watching.

The class costs around $12.

Best for Photographers: Photoshop Cafe - Photoshop 2020 for Digital Photographers

Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Cafe

From web design to vector graphic manipulation, Photoshop is an amazing tool for a host of reasons. But its core focus has always been on adjusting photos, taking them from average to stellar.

If you're a budding photographer or professional, the Photoshop 2020 for Digital Photographers course with Colin Smith on Photoshop Cafe is a fantastic resource. As an award-winning digital artist and the founder of Photoshop Cafe, Smith is just the right person to walk you through image manipulation in Photoshop to make your photos really pop.

For around $100, the class includes around 89 videos that cover the key features of Photoshop and how to make the most of them. You'll learn how to adjust color and tone, retouch, crop, scale, sharpen, and layer images. Each tutorial is broken down into a short, snappy video with examples and its end results, so you can see what you're working toward at all times.

Should you prefer to learn offline or ensure you have permanent access to this in-depth Photoshop course for photography, know that it's also available on DVD.

How We Chose the Best Photoshop Classes

With so many great teachers out there, it's not easy picking the best Photoshop classes. To formulate our list, we looked at reviews, pricing, expertise of the teachers, and the accessibility of the platforms they're hosted on. We also considered how user-friendly the tutorials were and how easy they were to follow.

The best overall Photoshop course is the most comprehensive on our list, with an extensive collection of tutorials and lessons that can teach you everything necessary for becoming a Photoshop wiz. The teacher breaks everything down in a way that isn't intimidating, and you'll always be able to go back and rewatch if you forget something.

That doesn't take away from the other classes we picked, though. Whether it's the free Adobe Tutorials or the fantastic SkillShare Photoshop Essentials course, there's something for everyone, no matter your skill set, budget, or amount of free time. These offerings will help you become competent in Photoshop.