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Fast track your career as a real estate appraiser

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Real estate appraisal schools can help you get the training needed to start a career as a property appraiser. The best schools offer high-quality exam prep courses, pre-licensing and renewal courses, and continuing education to help advance your career.

We reviewed a range of real estate appraisal schools based on reputation, range of courses, ease of use, price, and more. Here are our top picks.

Best Real Estate Appraisal Schools for 2022

Best Overall : McKissock



Why We Chose It

McKissock is a leading online education platform offering 40 separate real estate appraisal licensing, continuing education, and professional development courses in all 50 states.

What We Like
  • Available in all 50 states

  • Single course or unlimited access memberships

  • Over 40 courses available

What We Don’t Like
  • No exam prep courses

  • Customer support not available 24/7

Established in 1990 to offer online appraisal education, McKissock has trained more than two million real estate professionals across the U.S. The company has received over 245,000 reviews for appraisal courses from its customers who give it a rating of 4.3 out of five stars. It’s our choice as the best overall due to its reputation, range of courses, easy interface, and single purchase and membership options.

McKissock offers over 40 real estate appraisal courses, including pre-licensing, licensing, license upgrades, continuing education (CE), and professional development courses. All courses are written by experienced certified appraisers and approved by each state’s real estate governing body.

Most of McKissock’s courses are offered as either online courses or live webinars that can be easily accessed from the company’s user-friendly course dashboard. You can also either purchase courses individually or buy a monthly subscription which gives you unlimited access to similar courses.

Pricing for McKissock’s courses can vary by state but typically range from $209.95 to $299.95 for a 15-hour appraisal course and $409.95 for a 30-hour course (as of December 2021). Memberships can cost up to $1,699, but some are less.

McKissock also offers a variety of free learning aids as well as career resources, including additional downloads, checklists, videos, and articles through its career hub.

Best for Test Prep : VanEd



Why We Chose It

VanEd offers a variety of 100% online real estate appraisal courses including affordable exam prep courses.

What We Like
  • Low-priced exam prep courses

  • Free downloadable textbooks

  • 5-day free trial

What We Don’t Like
  • Pre-licensing offered

  • Not all courses available in every state

Founded in 1997 to provide real estate courses in Colorado, VanEd has provided licensing and continuing education courses to 65,000 licensing students and 100,000 continuing education students. We chose it as the best for test prep due to its affordable and comprehensive online real estate appraisal exam prep courses.

All of VanEd’s courses are offered online and with free downloadable eBooks. Although courses are entirely self-paced, students can get instructor support from experienced appraisers by phone, email, live chat, or online Q&A. 

VanEd’s appraisal exam prep course creates practice exams from a large database so there is a lot of variation in practice exam experience. Students also get access to test-taking tips, a term glossary, and a set of vocabulary flashcards and exercises. Best of all, VanEd’s exam prep course costs as little as $59.

VanEd is also competitively priced for its other courses. Individual real estate appraisal courses in the state of Texas cost just $165 each, or you can buy them as a bundled package for just $799. As of December 2021, VanEd is offering a discount, lowering the price of its appraisal courses to $116 and $559 for the package. Check the website for course availability and pricing, as offerings, costs, and discounts may vary by state.

Best for Continuing Education : Appraiser eLearning

Appraiser eLearning

 Appraiser eLearning

Why We Chose It

Appraiser eLearning focuses exclusively on continuing education classes for real estate appraisers with a wide range of unique courses enhanced by videos and case studies.

What We Like
  • Broad range of CE classes

  • Affordable pricing

  • Classes include videos and often case studies

What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t offer licensing or exam prep courses

  • Courses not available in all states

Appraiser eLearning was founded to offer “useful, entertaining, and engaging continuing education” (CE) for real estate appraisers. We chose it as the best for continuing education due to its singular focus on affordable CE classes enhanced by engaging videos and real-world case studies.

Appraiser eLearning offers a broader catalog of appraiser CE courses than many others with unique topics such as measuring single-family residential dwellings, using depreciated replacement costs, deriving market adjustments, appraiser liability, and more. All courses are completely cloud-based and available 24/7 from any computer or smart mobile device.

Appraiser eLearning uses studio-quality videos in all of its courses and enhances them with quizzes and case studies when available. You can also purchase individual courses or buy them as a bundle for a discounted price. Course pricing is $74.95 for a four-hour course, $119.95 for a seven-hour course, and $229.95 for a 14-hour course bundle.

Appraiser eLearning is a small company with just three executives and seven employees able to offer personalized customer support. To support the continuing education of its customers, the company offers both a free podcast and free monthly webinars.

Best for Professional Development : Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute

 Appraisal Institute

Why We Chose It

Appraisal Institute is a professional organization that offers education and career resources for real estate appraisers, including discounts on licensing and CE courses.

What We Like
  • Membership helps appraisers develop their career

  • Online and in-person courses available

  • Offers job search tools

What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t offer exam prep courses

  • Courses not available in every state

Appraisal Institute was founded in 1932 to support the professional development of real estate appraisers. The organization has 17,000 members in nearly 50 countries and is our pick as the best for professional development due to its discounted courses and networking and career-advancement resources.

Appraisal Institute offers a wide range of pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development courses in online, webinar, in-classroom, and onsite group learning formats. Its online courses consist of videos and may include exams and assignments too.

The biggest advantage of Appraisal Institute comes from becoming a member. Students enrolled in college or university curriculums can join for free. Subscriptions for professionals range from $240 per year to $485 per year.

Appraisal Institute members get access to local chapters to network with appraisal professionals and explore career opportunities, discounts on Appraisal Institute publications, a career center, business software, and access to the Lum Library, a database of statistical information resulting from surveys in over 130 markets worldwide.

Appraisal Institute also offers members discounts on its courses. For instance, a 15-hour pre-licensing course costs $315 for Appraisal Institute members and $360 for non-members. Similarly, a 7-hour CE course runs $195 for Appraisal Institute members and $220 for non-members.

Final Verdict 

Real estate appraisal schools are a great way to get started in the industry or to advance your career. While all options on our list are solid choices based on your needs, McKissock took our top spot as the best real estate appraisal school overall because it offers a wide range of courses in all 50 states for any stage in appraisal education has excellent student reviews.

Breaking down schools by courses, we chose VanEd as the best for test prep since it offered affordable online exam prep courses with free downloadable textbooks and instructor support. Appraiser eLearning is our choice for continuing education due to its unique catalog of affordable CE courses presented in studio-quality videos with case studies when available.

Students on a budget will appreciate Hondros, our choice as the best value, due to its reasonably-priced course bundles that are more affordable than other schools that offer them individually.    

Finally, Appraisal Institute wins the best for professional development due to its networking opportunities, career center, business software, discounts on licensing and CE courses, and more.

Compare Providers

Best Real Estate Appraisal Schools
School Why We Picked It Notable Features
McKissock Best Overall 40+ online and live webinar appraisal courses nationwide
VanEd Best for Test Prep Low-priced online exam prep course with discounts
Appraiser eLearning Best for Continuing Education Unique and affordable online video CE courses
Appraisal Institute Best for Professional Development Discounts and career resources for appraisers

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does a Real Estate Appraiser Do?

A real estate appraiser provides an impartial, objective, and unbiased estimate or appraisal of the value of a property based on facts, statistics, and other data. The resulting appraisal is often used in lease negotiations, for mortgage lending purposes, tax assessments, and more.

Appraisers will typically assess the condition of property directly through a walkthrough looking for additional amenities that will increase its value as well as any code violations. Because appraisals are used in negotiations and can affect real dollar values, real estate appraisers must be able to listen to the needs of their clients and know how to clearly communicate their findings.

How Much Does a Real Estate Appraisal School Cost?

Real estate appraisal courses can vary greatly depending on the school. The schools we reviewed offered basic appraisal pre-licensing courses starting in the $100s, exam prep courses as low as $59, and course bundles and subscriptions in the $1,000 to $2,000+ range.

Will a Real Estate Appraisal School Help Me Earn a License?

Real estate appraiser schools offer courses appraisers need to get licensed and continue their careers, including pre-licensure courses, continuing education classes, and exam prep classes. 

In addition to helping students pass their exam and become an appraiser, these courses also teach the best practices for making unbiased real estate appraisals that adhere to various state and national guidelines.

Is There a Difference Between a Licensed and a Certified Real Estate Appraiser?

While both a licensed and a certified real estate appraiser have the skills and knowledge to appraise residential properties, a certified real estate appraiser has the experience and training to evaluate more valuable and complex properties.

There is also a significant difference in earning potential between the two. Licensed real estate appraisers make between $35,000 and $85,000 per year depending on state, niche, experience, and more. Certified real estate appraisers make between $10,000 and $25,000 more per year than a licensed appraiser.


We looked at close to a dozen real estate appraisal schools for this review. At the top of our list were schools that had the best reputation for the types of courses they offered, whether pre-licensing, exam prep, or continuing education.

We also took a close look at the price and sought out the best value for the money with learning platforms that are easy to use and offer additional resources. Finally, we looked at schools that offer more than simple education and also provide their students with resources and perks that would help them advance their careers.

All of the schools we selected have competitive pricing, offer courses in most states, are easy to access and use, and provide additional career resources.

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