Best Sales Closing Technique

Master Just One Close

Salesman closong the sale by handshaking with senior couple in appliance store

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Many sales professionals either try to learn too many closing techniques or never learn any. Those that learn too many are often confused when deciding which closing technique they should use and usually employ the wrong technique.

There are many ways to close a sale, and each technique has its own value and "time and place" to be most effective. But for the confused sales professional or those new to sales, knowing one closing technique, and mastering it, might be all that is truly needed.


The one error that many sales professionals make is giving up too soon. The average sale takes 3 to 5 closing attempts before the deal is done. Most of those in sales give up after 1 or, at best, 2 closing attempts.

Hearing "no" one time, it seems, is enough for many in sales. But the fact is that you may need to hear the dreaded "no" a few times before getting to "yes." And if you stop after the first "no" you will not make the sale.

It does take some skill to keep advancing a sales cycle after a prospect tells you "no, " but it is critical to keep moving forward. The trick is to flush out your prospect's objections by asking more questions and providing compelling answers to build additional value in your product or service.

Those in inside sales positions may find continuing a sales cycle after a prospect says "no" more difficult since most of the people they will be talking to on the phone can easily hang up or become very annoyed if the Inside rep continues trying to make the sale. The simple remedy for this is to make a follow-up call. The rule about a sale taking 3 to 5 attempts holds true for outside and inside sales reps!

The Best Closing Technique

Now that you understand that you will probably need to try to close the sale more than once, it's time to learn the best closing technique and why it is the best.

What makes this closing technique the best is how seldom it is used. While it is extraordinarily simple, many sales professionals simply do not use it.

Ask for the Sale!

That's it! The best closing technique is simply to ask for the sale. Use any wording that feels right for you, but you need to ask for the sale.

So many in sales do everything involved in a sales cycle but then never ask for the sale. They provide answers to all of their prospect's questions, show the value of their product or service, follow up with prospect requests, design and deliver a powerful proposal then never ask for the business.

Why not?

Usually, a rep does not ask for the business out of fear. They are afraid of hearing "no." But once you understand that you probably need to hear "no" a few times makes asking for the business less fearful. If you are confident that your product or service will solve your prospects' challenges or meet her needs and if you have fully qualified him, then asking for the business is what you have earned the right to do. You should have no fear and feel confident is simply asking a question.


Below are several examples of how you can word your closing question. Use the one that feels right for you or use your own. The most important thing is simply to make sure you ask for the sale!

Can we move forward with this deal?
Is there anything preventing you from agreeing to this today?
Can I have your business?
Are you ready to move forward?
Have I done enough to earn your business?