Types of Work From Home Jobs for Moms

Woman holding baby and using laptop

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Many working moms long for jobs that can be done from home. Imagine a ten-second commute into your home office where you could work, make money and be near your children. Home based jobs allow you to spend more time with your children. Many of the best home jobs for moms also allow mothers to have flexible schedules whereby they can adjust their work routine to accommodate their children's school needs and extracurricular activities.

Not sure what you can do from home to make a living? How can you find a job you can do from home?

While we all can't be writers or bakers, keep in mind that you can use one of these popular home-based jobs as a starting point to create the unique job that will suit your lifestyle and financial needs.

Service Jobs

Whether you can plan a wedding for 200 people or provide tech help for computer dummies, service jobs make the best home jobs for moms and often accommodate a flexible schedule. If you decide to provide a service, choose one in which you have great interest and are equipped to perform. So don't start a computer repair business if you've never fixed a computer before. And if you burn box cakes, don't try to run a custom bake shop from your home.

If you're not sure what service you can provide, make a list of the things you do well, then try to convert these strong points into the best business you can operate from your home. For example, if you formerly worked in public relations and always enjoyed writing, launch a freelance press release writing business from your home. Research the competition, set your rate and network, if possible, in the industry you choose.

Research what you stand to earn per week, month and year in your service-oriented business before you launch it. In addition, hairdressers and manicurists who used to work in salons, but want a more flexible schedule, can designate two or three days per week to service clients in their homes. It's best to designate a specific area of your home for these services so as not to have people roaming throughout your house or apartment.

Sales Jobs

From a cosmetic representative to a gift basket designer, there are many sales oriented jobs that can be both profitable and easy for moms to do from home. If you are unsure about the type of sales job that will work best for you, try to find something you'll enjoy selling.

If you're not familiar with the sales business you'd like to launch from home, try to identify a niche. Seek out a product that is in demand in your area. You can research online the types of sales jobs that net the biggest profits. It's also wise to research how you'll be able to ship products, and you'll need to learn the most efficient way to do so. There also are sales jobs that offer products, like insurance policies, that can be sold from home. Many companies will allow representatives to work from home.

Creative Jobs

If you have a knack for taking photos, think about launching a freelance photography career. You can set up a studio in your home, and take photos of everyone from newborns to prom queens from your home studio.

If you were formerly a journalist, think about launching a freelance writing career from home. Many magazines, websites, and newspapers use freelance writers to provide most of the copy in these publications.

Advertising copy witting is another form of writing that can be done at home. In fact, the more versatile you are in a creative career, the more work you will likely obtain. So if you can write everything from press releases to full-length magazine articles, then you'll be able to seek a full or part-time job as a writer from home.

Online Jobs

If you want to launch an online business, think of a service or products you can offer online. This can be everything from a life coach or wedding planner to a custom cookie maker. You can broaden your market and buying audience by launching an online business. You can attract many more clients by having a website that markets the products or services you sell.

Edited by Elizabeth McGrory