Biomedical Engineer Resume Example

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The following is an example of a resume for a biomedical engineer position.

Biomedical Engineer Resume

FirstName LastName
1050 French Street
Atlanta, GA 30032

Biomedical Engineer, AV Hospital, Atlanta, GA 
July 20XX – present

  • Train clinicians and other medical personnel on the proper use of equipment.
  • Oversee the fabrication and testing of systems after installation to ensure performance and client requirements are met.
  • Create and apply design and development standards and procedures.
  • Prepare, write, format and present peer‐reviewed scientific articles. 

Biomedical Engineer, ABC MedTech, Atlanta, GA 
December 20XX – June 20XX

  • Performed approved experiments, acquired and processed data, and compiled results.
  • Maintained professional working relationships with scientific advisors, scientist, and clinicians.
  • Assisted in development of scientific manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals and conferences.
  • Maintained compliance with all company and industry policies and procedures.

Additional Experience
Adjunct Professor, South Line University, Atlanta, GA
June 20XX- present

Master of Science, South Line University, Atlanta, GA
May 20XX
Major: Biomedical Engineering

  • Research Assistant to FirstName LastName, December 20XX - May 20XX
  • Published in LM Medical Magazine, June 20XX​

Bachelor of Science, South Line University, Atlanta, GA
May 20XX

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Chemistry

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