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Company Description:

Formerly Clark Fork Communications, this Montana-based transcription company hires work-at-home corporate and legal transcriptionists, editors and researchers to perform a variety of services including transcription, data processing and market research. Clients include educational institutions, financial institutions, corporations, government agencies, legal firms, online businesses and non-profit organizations.

In addition to transcription, the company offers market research services, which include creating company profiles and conducting personal interviews and market research.

Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Birch Creek Communications:

This company hires experienced transcribers for corporate and legal transcription work for both audio and video files.  ​The kinds of work include files for Social Security, Veterans Affairs, immigration departments. As is often the case with home-based typing jobs, the work is done by independent contractors not employees. No subcontracting of work is allowed.

There is no guarantee of how much work will be available; however the company says "transcribers that do not accept work on a regular basis generally do not maintain a skill set that meets the needs of our clients." Four times per year the company transcribes quarterly earning phone calls. During this period there is a large amount of work available.

Most corporate work requires a same day turnaround, while legal transcription may allow 3-5 days.

Qualifications and Requirements:

The company hires U.S. citizens residing in the United States. For certain types of legal work (Social Security and/or Immigration accounts), contractors must complete a full background check and fingerprinting.

Transcriptionists must provide their own equipment. This includes an Internet connection; phone line; computer with Windows XP or higher; USB foot pedal; headset; software such as Microsoft Word and for some legal work WordPerfect; file transfer program; instant messenger account; and specific transcription programs. Transcriptionists must be adept at maintain software and equipment because no technical assistance is given.

Pay at Birch Creek Communications:

For legal transcription, the company pays between $.75 to $1.75 per page, depending on the client, the type of work and the turnaround time. Corporate work ranges from $.40 to $1 per audio minute, depending on the client, level of speed, accuracy and turnaround time. 

To Apply:

Send an email to the address on this page of the Birch Creek Communications website. Do not send any attachment but put all information in the body of the email. In the email include a resume listing your work history and any transcription, legal, administrative or secretarial experience, your state and time zone of residence, your availability (as in day, evening, weekend, overnight) and the number of hours per week you are available. Also in terms of equipment, mention whether you use a pedal, your versions of Windows, and word processing program as well as the type of Internet connection you have and whether you have a foot pedal. Finally explain why you want to work at home.

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