Internships at Bloomberg L.P.

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Bloomberg L.P., founded by Michael Bloomberg, forever changed the way customers receive financial information. It has become a leading source of financial data whereby over 250,000 Bloomberg customers receive a subscription that affords them real-time stories and data. Customers can access all of this information, from over 2,200 reporters and editors in 130 bureaus from around the globe on a monthly paid-subscription basis via a Bloomberg terminal.

Life as an Intern

Internships at the financial behemoth are coveted spots, and here's why. After initial orientation and training, you'll start contributing to projects immediately. Managers will give you constructive feedback and career advice, and through work seminars and cultural and philanthropic events, you'll gain even more insight into the Bloomberg culture. You will also have the opportunity to hear (and learn) from leaders from across all of the organization's businesses throughout the course of your internship.

 Available Internship Areas 

  • Sales
  • Global Data
  • Analytics
  • IT
  • Programming
  • News
  • Broadcast Operations
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Security
  • Philanthropy
  • Finance Administration

Corporate Functions Internships

Global Technical Support (GTEC) provides support for the Bloomberg Professional service (i.e., the proprietary Bloomberg Terminal) and other Bloomberg products that address software, hardware, biometric security, and networking challenges. Global Customer Support (GCUS) gives the Bloomberg global client base live customer service and general assistance, so if you're a techie and want to work for an established top-tier business on a global level, this is the area for you. Also, Bloomberg trains their GTEC and GCUS interns in how to solve problems for clients and makes sure interns have the right tools to get the job done. The company has a small number of internships in other Corporate Functions such as Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance.

News Internships

The general public is familiar with Bloomberg because they initially launched their financial news operation through their all-news, all-day operation and then branched out to television. They have a 10- to 12-week intern program in which interns help report breaking news in financial markets, economics, technology, business, and government. Interns, whether students or recent graduates, can also pitch and write enterprise stories, conduct interviews, and collaborate with Bloomberg's other consumer media platforms. After completing an internship in the news arena, interns are afforded the opportunity to become full-time reporters through the company's rotation program. This program allows you to spend a few months exploring three different reporting teams before receiving a permanent assignment.​

Bloomberg Analytics Boot Camp (Pre-Internship)

If you're an undergraduate student interested in a career in finance and technology, you can also apply to Bloomberg's Analytics Boot Camp, where you'll spend a week in a fast-paced business environment, learning the basics of the Bloomberg terminal, networking, and participating in group projects.


Bloomberg encourages high school students, undergraduates, and graduate school students to apply. They seek interesting candidates with an interest and knowledge in finance, technology, and business. Interns have an opportunity to work alongside professionals currently working in the field.

Internship Compensation and Benefits

Bloomberg hires a large percentage of its interns based on performance evaluations submitted by the intern's supervisors at the end of each internship. Many full-time job offers are extended upon completion of a summer internship with Bloomberg. Additionally, many of the Bloomberg internships are paid.

Application Process and Deadlines

Bloomberg usually recruits interns approximately six months in advance of interns starting their internship program. Interested candidates can check out the website for posted positions.


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