Bring Your Passion Back to Work

Remember the days when you loved going to work? You were challenged, excited, and ready for your next adventure. Perhaps, you were never passionate about your work or you feel the fire for the work has faded and you need a change. You can discover the passion that’s available in your work or rediscover the passion you once had for your work.

In an email interview with Brett Bacon, the author of Millionaire Selling Secrets, he talks about how to discover the passion for your job that you never knew existed:

”It is so easy to forget why you do the work and focus only on how you do it. You need to focus on the why behind your work to discover passion for it. The first step is to identify all of the benefits that you provide to your customers. Ask yourself the following questions to identify the benefits:​

  • How will my product or service improve the lives of my customers?
  • How do I add value for my customers?
  • What is unique about what I offer that I can be truly proud of?”

To do this, write down the benefits you believe you provide for your customers. Then select the benefits that excite you the most. Next, identify the features of your product or service that you think your customers may want. What will excite them? What is unique about you or what you offer? Finally, match up the features you identified with the customer benefits.

Take this information and develop a sales mantra; that is, think of one sentence that captures the essence of the key benefit that you provide to your customers. Your sales mantra is personal to you. It is the essence of why you are so passionate about your work.

Bacon explains that this is important because, "You need to remind yourself throughout the day why you do the work that you do. If you don’t remind yourself, you can get sidetracked by daily difficulties and setbacks and lose your focus, which will drain away your passion.”

Demonstrate Your Work Passion to Your Customers

Most importantly, once you’ve generated enthusiasm in yourself, you are ready to tell your customers about your product or your service—with passion and excitement.

You should feel very proud of what you can do for your customers. Tell everyone you know about your passion for serving your customers. This will help you build and maintain your own passion.

The second major step is to display your passion to your client or customer. It’s not enough that you feel the passion inside. You have to let the customers know you are passionate about your product and your service to them.

Bacon suggests these ideas for displaying passion to your customer or client:

  • ”It starts with your body posture; show energy and excitement in your body posture and movement. Give all of your customers a warm greeting.
  • Your voice is a key indicator of passion; put some passion into your voice by speaking with energy and commitment. Don’t let the volume of your voice trail off at the end of your sentences—keep the volume up so that you can be heard—your customers will appreciate it and it shows confidence and passion for your work.
    Make sure to vary the pitch of your voice; avoid speaking in a monotone. And vary the pace of your words. Slow down your pace for key, essential points and increase the speed of your words slightly when moving to another topic and to convey excitement.
  • Maintain eye contact with your customer. This shows that you are interested in your customers and you can also watch their expressions to get valuable feedback on their reactions to your presentation. Think of your customers as your friends. Don’t be too stiff and formal. Use some tasteful humor to make your points.”

Realize the Benefits of Your Passion

Bacon goes on to say that:

“If you show passion in your work every day and with every customer, you will get more sales and you will be more persuasive in your work. This in turn will fuel your passion even more. Passion for your work will also help you get through the tough parts of your day. When you are passionate about your work, the day goes by much faster and you are happy about the contribution that you make to your customers and the community.

Identify all of the essential tasks that you must do each day to get the job done. Focus throughout the day on the tasks that you feel most passionate about and understand that you must still complete the essential tasks that you do not enjoy in order to get to the tasks that you do enjoy."

“There is no one else in the world exactly like you,” Bacon says. He believes that even if your product or service is widely available, who you are and the passion you bring to your work and to your customers is what makes you uniquely you.

If you can hold onto the passion for your product or service and demonstrate that passion to your customers or clients, their response will reinforce your work passion.

Brett Bacon has a free newsletter that is available at his website and is also the co-author of Wake Up...Live the Life You Love In Service. He is an entrepreneur, attorney, speaker, and business coach whose innovative ideas have changed the way people think about business and the selling profession.