Burger King Career and Employment Information

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The Burger King Corporation is the second-largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world, and there are plenty of opportunities to build a rewarding career there.

The corporation’s privately-owned franchises were running approximately 17,796 restaurant outlets worldwide as of the end of 2018, drawing over 11 million customers every day. Career opportunities go far beyond general restaurant management, although that is a great path to take if you are interested.

Burger King offers a Leadership Development Program, an MBA Leadership Program, summer internships, and career positions in marketing, operations, IT, business development, finance, and global business services.

The corporation regularly participates in career fairs at Ivy League and other colleges and universities around the U.S. Burger King headquarters are in Miami, Florida so, for those seeking a corporate job, be prepared to relocate the Sunshine State. Global corporate locations include Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Finding a Career at Burger King

The Burger King careers page is the place to start your search. Click on the Opportunities tab and explore your options.

The Campus opportunities section targets college students and recent graduates who want to work for the company at the corporate level. There you’ll find information on the following programs:

  • Leadership Development Program: Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent train extensively both in-restaurant and at the corporate level. Participants who prove themselves during this period are often placed into permanent roles at Burger King. The program is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in a short period.
  • MBA Leadership Program: Professionals with an MBA from a top-tier university are placed into a high-profile role from the start. This accelerated program matches employees with positions based on their knowledge, experience, and performance.
  • 10-week Summer Internship program: Undergraduate and MBA students get to have a taste of real-world business challenges. Interns are assigned one big project which culminates with a presentation on results with recommendations to the executive team.

Burger King has two other sections to explore, depending on your background, desired job, and level of experience:

  • In-Restaurant Roles: This section features jobs at local restaurant outlets. Positions range from drivers and team members to shift coordinators, assistant managers, and general managers.
  • Professional: Here, you'll find leads to career opportunities in Burger King’s corporate offices.

Each section describes the job roles and opportunities currently available. For in-store positions, you can search for job openings near where you live. Campus and corporate positions, on the other hand, list their locations.

Applying for a Burger King Job

Burger King makes it easy for you to apply for any open position on its website.

Apply for a job by starting on the Apply page. You can apply for in-restaurant jobs by clicking on the role in which you are interested. For campus and professional positions, follow the link to the job search page. Select the role you are interested in to generate a list of corporate job openings.

Review each job listing to see the skills needed, depth of experience required, necessary licenses and certifications, desired education level and minimum age requirements.

To stay on top of the latest employment information and upcoming events—career fairs, networking events, and profiles of key employees—visit the site's What's New section. You can filter your search by location, category, and type of event.

If you're a teen and looking for work in one of the restaurant outlets, child labor law governs the age at which you can work at Burger King and other companies that typically hire teen workers, as well as the number of hours you can work per week. You can find out about child labor laws at the federal level and for your state by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Burger King Benefits

All of Burger King's full-time workers are eligible to participate in benefits programs that include medical coverage, dental coverage, company-paid life insurance and a 401(k) savings plan with a company match.

If you're a full-time, salaried employee at Burger King, you may also be eligible to participate in other benefits programs such as vision coverage, short- and long-term disability coverage, flexible spending accounts and tuition assistance. 

Burger King Company Culture

Burger King advertises its company culture as "Bold, Accountable, Meritocratic, Empowered and Fun." The corporation wants hard-working individuals—those who bring "extraordinary levels of ownership, drive, and accountability" to the team.

The company also pledges to empower its team members in achieving their own career goals. Their coaching and mentoring programs play an integral role in the development and success of their employees.

Burger King leadership also recognizes the need for a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. As such, they have developed diversity programs for their corporate offices and restaurants, and their relationships with suppliers, business partners, and surrounding communities.