Business Cards For Students

Business cards are great for networking

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Personalized business cards are an excellent way for students to promote themselves while leaving behind some pertinent information designed to catch a potential employer's interest. Business cards should be carried with you at all times because you never really know when you'll come upon an opportunity to hand one over. Having a business card shows a sense of professionalism, and it creates a favorable impression on potential employers. You can leave your card behind when you meet someone while networking, or send a card out with your resume when you're job hunting. 

What to Say 

Business cards can include a local and home address, phone numbers, your degree, your major, your graduation date, and a professional objective. Here are a few additional suggestions and a format you can follow. Business cards for students can include some or all of the following:

Name/Phone/Email/Date of Graduation (Picture)
Bachelor of __________ : Major: Minor:
University of ___________
Career Location:
Experience in:
Career Focus:
Internships @ ________

The back of the card can also be used to identify skills and accomplishments, or to cite a brief mission statement, objective, slogan, contact information or even a “mini-resume."

Ways to Create a Business Card 

Creating your own business card allows you to be creative and to design a card that looks exactly how you want it to look. You'll have no limits if you choose the right software, and some programs are designed specifically for this purpose. You can create a business card using VistaPrint or, which has the added advantage of being free. 

If you want to spend a little, you can have your cards professionally done, or save a little by using a retailer such as Staples.

Creating One in Word

Follow these easy steps to create your own business card in MS Word. First, you'll need Avery business cards, which are available from just about any office supply store. And, of course, you'll need Microsoft Word set up on your computer. 

Open Word and select "Tools" from the drop-down menu at the top if you're using an older version of Word. Under Tools, select "Envelopes and Labels." If you're using Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 or later, you'll find Envelopes and Labels at the far left side of the ribbon under the "Mailings" tab. 

From this point, it doesn't really matter what version of Word you're using – the steps are pretty much the same. Select "Labels" and click on "Options." Select "Avery Standard" under the "Label Products," called "Label Vendors" in Office, Home and Student 2013. Select the product number 5371 for "Business Card" and click on "OK."

Of course, you don't have to use Avery. If you'd rather not, scroll through the various vendors to find a brand more to your liking. Plenty is listed. 

You're almost there. Now click on "New Document" and a screen with 10 cards will pop up. Type your information on the first card, then copy the first card to the clipboard and paste the information onto the other card locations. You can print the cards using either a laser or inkjet printer. 

Voila! Your personalized business card is ready to hand out.