Business Thank You Letter Example and Writing Tips

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Although they may seem an old-fashioned means of communication to some in our modern age of texting and instant messaging, business thank you letters still serve very valuable purposes within the professional world. 

A dignified thank you note, whether sent as an email or a formal “snail mail” letter, is the proper, courteous type of communication to send to professional associates.

Reasons to Send a Business Thank You Letter 

There are many contexts where it's appropriate to write a business thank you letter. Perhaps you wish to show your appreciation for a job well done by a service provider, a colleague, or a subordinate. Maybe you need to follow up on a job interview. Possibly a supervisor has taken extra time to mentor you or a LinkedIn contact has provided you with a job referral to your dream employer. 

Sending thank-you letters in these instances can generate a positive “ripple effect.”

For example, a note sent to a service provider can have a profound impact on the quality of the future service that the provider renders. A formal thank you letter to a service provider also helps their business since it can be used as a testimonial on their professional website or in their marketing materials.

On the other hand, a letter written to say "thank you" to an interviewer for a job you want has the potential to translate into a job offer. Employers say they appreciate the time that candidates spend capturing important aspects of the interview in a thank you note and expressing a connection between their qualifications and what they learned about the employer's needs during their meeting.

By writing and sending this letter immediately after your interview, you are not only saying “thank you,” but you are also reminding the hiring committee of your skills, responding to any issues you felt were not fully addressed in the interview, and keeping your name “top of mind” as they make their hiring decision.

The business thank you letter example below is formatted as a traditional letter, to be sent via snail mail.

Business Thank You Letter Example

This is an example of a business thank-you letter. Download the business thank you letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

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Business Thank You Letter Example (Text Version)

Kathy Green 
Revelation Interiors, Store Manager 
641 Maple Street 
Anytown, USA 99999 

September 1, 2018

Jessica Mountain
Interiors by Jess, Owner 
3672 Main Street 
Anytown, USA 99999

Dear Jessica,

Thank you very much for your marvelous help during our recent store renovation. Your design experience and organizational skills really made a difference in how quickly we were able to re-open, and the new layout you designed already seems to be increasing sales of some items!

We are planning a similar renovation of our satellite store on the West Side within the next year, and I would like to contact you for your expertise on that project as well when the time draws closer.

I have given your name to several executives and clients who inquired about our exciting new look. I hope that this will help you to grow your business as well. Please feel free to contact me should you ever need a professional testimonial – I can promise to write a glowing one for you.

Thank you again for your flawless service, and I look forward to working with you in the future.



Sending an Email Thank You Message

If you email a thank-you letter to a business associate or service provider, your subject line can simply say: “Thank You – [Your Name].” 

For an email post-interview thank-you letter, you can include the job title in the subject line as well as your name. For instance, "Thank You – Jane Smith, Accounts Manager Position." 

More Thank You Letter Writing Tips 

Timing matters with thank you letters. Send one right away, especially if it's a job interview thank you note. In any thank-you note, be sure to state right away why you're writing. This could be as simple as saying, "Thank you for meeting with me earlier about the ABC position." Or, you could write, "I'm so grateful for the help you provided with the XYZ project." In the body of the letter, you can expand on the theme. 

  • If you're thanking someone for help on a job search, for instance, you can mention a specific action the person took that aided your search.
  • Or, if you are thanking a vendor, explain why the service the person provided was so valuable.
  • In a thank-you note sent after an interview, you can mention something meaningful from your conversation, clarify or expand upon a response, or mention a qualification you forgot to highlight during the interview. 

Your final paragraph is the place to reiterate your gratitude. You may also request a follow-up. Find even more thank you note samples, for all sorts of situations, to inspire you while you write your own.