Your career is impacted by the choices you make. These job search resources will help you weigh career options, research jobs, change careers, take career tests and obtain valuable employment tips.
Pregnant woman holding baby belly
Am I Eligible for Unemployment if I'm Pregnant?
This illustration shows top jobs with short-term training programs including "Emergency Medical Technicians," "Wind Turbine Technicians," Commercial Drivers," "Massage Therapists," and "Personal Trainers."
Top 10 Short Term Training Programs
Image shows a pensive woman next to a small envelope with a heart of in, a teal envelope with a letter coming out of it, and an email text box. Under that is a piece of paper that says "You rock!" with a pencil next to it. Text reads: "Tips for saying 'Thank You' in a Note: When in doubt, send a thank-you note. Choose between a hand-written note, a letter, or an email. Keep it short and sweet. Include a nice thank-you quote"
Best Thank-You and Appreciation Quotes for Letters and Emails
Teenage employees looking at iPad in cafe
First Job Ideas for Teens and Tips to Get Hired
Tips for Sending a Sick Day Email Message
Young woman is using a laptop at home.
What Is the Occupational Outlook Handbook?
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Woman in front of computers
High-Paying Careers for Women
Cartoon of person with a flashlight at a road cross way determining the best career path.
How to Find out Which Jobs Match Your Personality
This illustration depicts making introductions at a new job including "Familiarize yourself with the company organization chart," "Ask your superior to introduce you," "Or introduce yourself," and "Send a follow-up introduction email."
How to Introduce Yourself at a New Job
Business woman looking over the city at sunrise.
Looking for a New Job? Be Inspired With These Quotes
This illustration shows a day in the life of the Bureau of Labor Statistics including "Produce special reports on developments in various sectors of the job market in a series of Career Outlook articles," "Collect and analyze data, and provide the resulting economic information to the public," and "Keep tabs on the labor market, working conditions, employment data, and changing wages and prices."
Are You Getting Paid Market-Rate Wages? Find Out at the BLS
Low section view of businessman?s legs
How to Cope with a Crowded Job Market
Young woman at home sitting on the floor using laptop and listening to music
Tips for Choosing a Career When You Can't Decide What to Do
Female doctor in hospital hallway
Tips for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors
Is it a good idea to move if your significant other gets a job offer?
My Boyfriend Got a Job Out of State: Should I Go With Him?
Is Going to Grad School Worth It?
Man using laptop in coffee shop
Personality Tests to Help You Pick the Right Career
Mature businesswoman working on laptop
Tips and Advice for Age-Proofing Your Resume
Business people talking in office
How to Request a Leave of Absence From Work
Man looking overwhelmed sitting at a messy desk in a messy home office space.
10 Signs that Your Work-Life Balance is Out of Balance
Delivering pizza as a part-time job
Tips on How to Manage Working Two Jobs Without Going Crazy
Work associates sitting around a conference table
Top 10 Law Career Tips for Students and Graduates
Best and Worst Excuses for Being Late to Work
Creative advertising office
Follow These Tips to Start a Standout Career in Advertising
Exhausted young man with laptop in office
Is Earning More Worth the Stress or Can I Take a Lower Paying Job?
a woman checking her phone in a hotel room
Checking Email on Vacation Is Required By Some Jobs and Not Others
What to Do When You're Self-Employed and Work Dries Up
Two people in coffee shop
If You're an Introvert, These Career Tips Will Help You Out
School books on desk, education concept
Education Levels and Requirements for Employment
woman with laptop
6 Free Online Courses to Boost Your Career Skills
A Pay Stub
Tips and Advice for Making Extra Money
Businessman thinking during meeting in office
Starting a New Job for Introverts
Mature professional woman
Here Are Fashion Tips for Older Job Seekers to Use for Interviews
Interviewee and interviewer
What to Do if Your Age Is an Issue in a Job Interview
Creative businesswoman talking on cell phone and using laptop in cafe
Strapped for Cash? Try these 4 Ways to Make More Money
Young pregnant woman picking up phone on desk, mid section, side view
Are You Pregnant? Important Pregnancy Employment Questions and Answers
Illustration of a woman with her head on her computer keyboard, feeling unhappy at work.
Tips for Keeping the Job You Have
Fingers of a man with a currency of Euro, paying a plant that grows with coins of the euro-zone
Starting Your First Job? Establish These 5 Financial Habits
Dreams in forest
Here Are Some Great Motivational Quotes for Job Seekers
business people in office
Can Staying With a Company Too Long Hurt Your Career?
Office Romance
Tips for Handling an Office Romance
Two coworkers discussing a professional development plan
How to Create a Professional Development Plan to Advance Your Career
People working in modern office
10 Ways to Keep Your Job Skills Current
Prosecutor attorneys reviewing paperwork in courtroom
Tips to Help You Save on Your Professional Wardrobe
Pregnant woman collecting things at workplace
What to Know About the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Avoid These 5 Career Mistakes When You Are in Your Twenties
Man cheering on mountain top
Inspirational Quotes About Dream Jobs
Businessman at desk in office rubbing his eyes, frustrated with his job.
Quotes About Hating Your Job
Inspirational Quotes About Hard Work
What should I do with my stock options?
Stock Options: Are They Always a Good Financial Idea?
Yoga for Relaxation
Quotes to Help You Find Your Work-Life Balance
Payday Calendar
Why Am I Still Struggling After I Got a Raise?
Happy woman counting money
5 Long-Term Solutions to Increase Your Income
Want to Change Careers? Here's Your Guide to Getting Started
Midsection Of Woman Holding Box By Table At Office
Here Are Tips on How to Tell If It Is Time to Move on to a New Job
Group of graduates with diplomas on university campus (differential focus)
How Much Is a College Degree Worth?
A boss scolding a young employee and pointing at her across a desk.
What to Do If Your Boss Doesn't Like You
Mother on laptop with baby
Secrets to Being a Financially Independent Stay-at-Home Mom
An unhappy worker who may hate her job talking on the office phone
Top 10 Signs You Hate Your Job