6 Ways to Celebrate National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is an American holiday celebrated on August 19th each year, which happens to be Orville Wright's birthday. Former president Franklin D. Roosevelt was the creator of National Aviation Day, deciding for the first time in 1939 that the nation should celebrate the growth and advancements being made in aviation. And today, we couldn't agree more.

On this day, United States citizens and aviation enthusiasts are encouraged to celebrate the history of aviation, remember how far we've come as a nation, and support the future of aviation. National Aviation Day is often celebrated with special events at airports and aviation museums. Schools and educational organizations might focus on aviation-related material, and those involved in aviation do what they can to promote their trade and foster new opportunities for the aviation industry.

Wondering how you can observe this holiday? Here are six ways you can share National Aviation Day with others and spread your love for our aviation industry.

Learn About the History of Aviation

Photograph of the Wright Brother's first flight.
Library of Congress

Often we get so involved in our current activities that we forget where we came from. Take some time to reflect on the important developments in the history of aviation that led us to where we are today. Read a book about a famous aviator or learn something new about the rise of aviation in America.

Go Flying

Little girl sitting in plane cockpit wearing pilot's cap.

Nei Robson Souza M Herdy / EyeEm / Getty Images

For those who can fly, the preferred way to celebrate National Aviation Day is from up in the sky. If you have a pilot's certificate, take the day off to use it. If you fly a lot and have the extra time, share the joy of flight with a friend or a child on National Aviation Day. And if you have never flown before, today is the day to start. Your local airport or flight school might even have special deals for first-time flyers on National Aviation Day.

Visit Your Local Aviation Museum

Grandparents and grandson with notebook on bench below Naval propellor airplane in war museum hangar
Hero Images / Getty Images

Many local museums or historical societies will host special National Aviation Day events, or they might offer a discount for the day's activities. If you've never visited your local aviation museum, National Aviation Day is a great time to go.

Thank an Aviation Industry Employee

Pilot at airport

Getty Images / Thomas Barwick

You can make a pilot's day if you thank him or her for a great flight, but don't forget the rest of the aviation network: Mechanics, dispatchers, line guys, baggage handlers, controllers and engineers all have an equally important role in making the aviation industry what it is. Thank someone who makes aviation possible on this day.

Teach a Child About Airplanes

Little boy dressed as a pilot
PeopleImages.com / Getty Images

Children might not be familiar with how the aviation industry went from Orville and Wilbur to supersonic jets and NextGen technologies. And kids love airplanes. What better day to teach your children something about airplanes? Read a book about the Wright Brothers or do an aviation-related craft to inspire the younger generations to think about aviation. 

Build a Model (or Paper) Airplane

Man looking at a reduced plane model

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy / Getty Images

National Aviation Day is a great day to sit down and build a model airplane just for fun. Or, at the very least, show some spirit around the office with a paper airplane.