10 Big Celebrities Who Got Their Start In Commercials

 Big celebrities don't start out that way. They usually have to find small roles, and often, that means commercials. Here are 10 big celebrities who appeared in ads.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Bubble Yum

Leonardo DiCaprio
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This huge A-List star has worked with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Clint Eastwood. But way back in 1988, at the tender age of just 14 years old, Leo was getting his break hawking Bubble Yum bubblegum. Although he certainly grew into a strapping fella, he looks even younger than 14. 

Jennifer Lawrence - My Super Sweet 16 (MTV)

Jennifer Lawrence
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A household name, and star of huge hits including The Hunger Games, American Hustle, X-Men: First Class, and Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence wasn't always the biggest star. In a commercial for My Super Sweet 16, though, she acts like it. You can see a glimmer of the comic wit that Jennifer exudes in every interview. 

Brad Pitt - Pringles

Brad Pitt
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"Once you pop, you just can't stop" may be true for Pringles, but it was equally true for the star of this dated commercial, whose career became a freight train. Yes, that's Brad Pitt doing what he did best back then - looking like a male model, smiling a big smile, and fighting off the ladies who all want to date him. He went on to get a part in Ridley Scott's Thelma & Louise before becoming the huge star he is today. 

Steve Carell - Brown's Chicken

Steve Carell
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Many people say Steve's big break was as the anchorman in Jim Carrey's Bruce Almighty, or getting the lead role in NBC's hit TV series "The Office." It certainly wasn't this stinker that he starred in, for a fast food joint called Brown's Chicken. It wasn't even a big chicken place like KFC or Popeye's. Regardless, the actor was able to bring a great sense of comedy timing to it. 

Ben Affleck - Burger King

Ben Affleck
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He's played one of the greatest superheroes of all time in the blockbuster Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he's had quite an incredible career. We all have to start somewhere, though, and for Ben, that start was this rather saccharin commercial for Burger King. Still, several years later he'd go on to win an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting, alongside Matt Damon. 

Britney Spears - Maull's BBQ Sauce

Britney Spears
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This may qualify for the shortest commercial in this list, coming in at under 10 seconds. That's just as well for its star, Britney Spears, who almost certainly wants to forget this stinker of a commercial. A bad jingle, a forgettable ad, and a cheesy grin; still, Britney did quite well when entering the spotlight a few years later.

Elijah Wood - Cheese

Elijah Wood
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Not a specific brand of cheese, mind you. Just plain old cheese. It was a commercial produced by America's Dairy Farmers, encouraging us all to eat more cheese. What better way to use cheese than as a way to cover the flavor of broccoli. This is a very young Elijah Wood, but if you look carefully in Back To The Future Part 2, you'll see the same young chap in the Cafe 80s.

Courteney Cox - Tampax

Courteney Cox
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Before "Friends," and even before Cocoon: The Return, and Masters Of The Universe, Courteney Cox was on TV telling women everywhere about the benefits of Tampax tampons. Of course, the word "period" is only used once, right at the end of the ad. We couldn't take the stark reality of menstruation up front, so "that time" is used.

Stephen Colbert - First Tier Bank

Stephen Colbert
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It's kinda hard to take anything Stephen does seriously, he's inherently funny. Plus, his biting wit and sarcasm make it even harder to watch this ad with a straight face. You keep expecting him to start pouring scorn all over it and doing it with style, but no; it's a very punny commercial that Stephen would probably like to forget. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Pop Tarts

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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To be fair, Joseph hit the big time at a young age anywhere, playing Tommy in "3rd Rock From The Sun" from 1996-2001. And of course, he went on to star in huge hits like The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. Even at this very young age (10), you can see a spark of the smart mouth that made him a household name, in this Pop Tarts commercial.