Certified Public Manager

What Is a CPM Certification?

Certified Public Manager with staff
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Certified Public Manager is a certification earned by those who want to further their public service careers. It gives participants a broader understanding of how government works.


The CPM certification is less prestigious than the degree, but it is often more practical for mid-career public servants to obtain a CPM instead of an MPA. Participants go to class one to two days a month over a few years. They take classes in human resources, quality management, communication, finance, program evaluation and information systems.

MPA programs cover similar topics, but they do so in a more intense way that takes much more time and effort. If you have the time and money to get the MPA, go for it. But if you don’t, the CPM is a more affordable and less expensive option.

What jobs can you get with CPM certification?

All sorts of government workers can benefit from the knowledge earned through a CPM program. Across the country, high-level public administrators like police chiefs, fire chiefs, public works directors and city managers list the CPM certification on their resumes and email signatures.

Other Benefits of a CPM Program

Classes not only offer academic knowledge. They also afford participants the opportunity to network with other public administrators in organizations at all levels of government. You never know when these connections will prove valuable. In a CPM program, you could find a person you want to be your future boss or one you want to be your future employee. You could also hear about a job opportunity that changes the course of your career.