Chef Resume Example and Writing Tips

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Are you seeking work as a chef? It can be helpful to take a look at resumes from your peers. This will help you get a sense of what information to include, how to format the document, and what skills to emphasis. 

Tips for Writing a Resume as a Chef

Writing a resume — especially from scratch — can feel overwhelming. These tips can help you get started: 

Focus on the right skills: Take a look at job descriptions for the type of chef role you're seeking. (Do be specific in your research — the skills needed from a sous chef are different from what's desired in an executive chef.) This will give you a sense of what employers want. Then, you'll want to make sure you list the relevant skills in your resume. It can also be helpful to reference this list of skills that chefs need

Format your resume to suit your experience: You can choose between a chronological or functional resume, or a version that's a mix of the two. Get the scoop on the different types of resumes, and how to choose the best one for your situation. 

The experience section is at the heart of a resume, but there are also optional sections that you can add as well. The skills section can be helpful if you want to convey essential skills front and center (as well as in your descriptions of various roles you've held). 

A summary or objective section helps show hiring managers precisely what role you want, and why you're qualified for it. See how to write a summary statement, along with examples. 

Emphasize accomplishments over tasks: It's tempting to describe the jobs you've held in terms of tasks performed. When possible, focus on accomplishments (for example, developed popular daily specials menu) over a list of responsibilities. 

Review more tips for writing a great resume. Then, take a look at the following resume — it's for an executive chef, and includes both professional experience and education. Note how this job seeker details successes as a chef, but only briefly mentions other, earlier restaurant experience (such as being a waiter and a busser). This is a great way to note all of your related experience while only highlighting the most significant achievements.

Chef Resume Example (Text Version)

Joanne Corn
12345 Ghost St, Somewhere City, AR 77777
c: 554-112-3330

Professional Experience
Executive Chef / Manager
The Sunnyvale, Somewhere City, AR (20XX-Present)

  • Responsible for interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and managing all 52 restaurant staff members.
  • Maintained relationships and managed expenses with reputable food purveyors.
  • Designed, developed and executed menus, quality control, and seasonal specials.
  • Planned and arranged dinners, luncheons, and receptions for up to 200 people daily.
  • Received award for Best After-Work Restaurant by Somewhere City Magazine in 20XX and 20XX.

Georgina's Bistro, Somewhere City, AR (20XX-20XX)

  • Created recipes for menu items and daily specials, with emphasis on classic French cuisine.
  • Created award-winning salmon dish that is now one of the top three most popular dinner items on the menu.
  • Assisted in hiring and scheduling all sous chefs.
  • Developed presentation and garnishment.

Sous Chef
Reg's Pittsburgh Steakhouse, Pittsburgh, PA (20XX-20XX)

  • Assisted with menu development, including daily specials and new menu items.
  • Developed presentation and garnishment.
  • Assist in preparing menus for corporate events, birthday parties, and other in-house occasions.
  • Supervise seven student workers.

Various Positions
Lillian's Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA (Summers 19XX-20XX)

  • Bus person, wait staff, food prep, and cook positions

Culinary Institute of Pennsylvania
AAS, Culinary Arts