christine digangi headshot

Christine DiGangi

Senior Editorial Director


  • Oversees content strategy and operations for The Balance Careers
  • Former managing editor at LendingTree
  • Widely published personal finance journalist


Christine DiGangi has dedicated the majority of her career to financial education. In early 2019, she joined The Balance as Editorial Director, where she oversees content strategy and operations for The Balance, The Balance Careers, and The Balance Small Business. Previously, DiGangi served as the managing editor of mortgage content at LendingTree, an editor and writer for, communications coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists, and a copy editor for The New York Times. She has more than a decade of experience in service journalism, as a writer, editor, and vocal advocate for ethics and accuracy in publishing.

Her writing has been featured on MarketWatchUSA Today, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, and The New York Times International Weekly.


  DiGangi has a B.A. in English writing from DePauw University.