Cigna: A Work-at-Home Company

Telecommuting for Cigna
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Cigna Corporation is a global health insurance and services company with nearly 40,000 employees worldwide. Based in Bloomfield, CT, it was formed in 1982 with the merger of the Connecticut General Corporation and INA Corporation. This company offers health insurance and a variety related products and services such as medical, dental, and supplemental insurance. There are also services available for behavioral health, pharmacy and vision care, benefits management, health coaching, condition management, group life, and accident and disability insurance.

This American worldwide health services organization has been led by CEO David Cordani since 2009. It has also been noted that Cigna brings in over 39 billion USD since 2016.

A Work-at-Home Company

Cigna is named one of the top major corporations for telecommuting. In 2002, the company began a pilot work-at-home employment program, mostly aimed at claims workers and field health care workers. Today, more than 3,000 workers telecommute. In fact, the company's main website touts its "results-driven environment" which are often conducive to its remote telecommute work.

If you're interested in working for Cigna at home, you should know that they offer several types of work at home jobs. For instance, many registered nurses work at home as disability and workers comp clinical case managers. There are also roles for data and providers-relations analysts, contract managers, and claims coordinators. The company specifically notes that "even roles that aren’t posted as telecommute may offer some flexibility with working a day or two from home, depending upon the role and job requirements." Thus, this is a great company to consider if you're wanting some freedom in your weekly work environment.

Additional Cigna-owned businesses include:

  • Cigna Group Health Insurance
  • Cigna HealthCare
  • Cigna International
  • Choicelinx
  • Cigna Voluntary

Pay and Benefits

While the pay varies with the position you have, there is high competitive salary and bonus structure for most workers. However, Cigna offers a number of benefits for full-time employees, which include health, dental, vision, life, and long-term care insurance. Additionally, there are benefits available for educational assistance, elder, adoption, and child care assistance, flexible work arrangements, and the option for a matched 401(k).

According to Glassdoor, there's also a generous paid-time-off plan for many employees, where you're able to rollover up to 40 unused PTO hours every year. There's also multiple health benefit packages available to choose from, along with employee incentives and perks like a wellness program, where you can get money toward a gym membership. There are also options available for tuition reimbursement, CE days for licensed professionals, and cash toward educational and travel events.

Using Cigna’s Employment Page

Cigna's company website provides a jobs database. Unfortunately, it has no specific selection for finding telecommuting jobs postings. To get around this, you can try using the keyword field to narrow down the search. Try terms like "work from home" and "work at home" to search for current relevant job openings. Because most of Cigna's telecommuting positions are in nursing and insurance-rated fields, you're likely to come across those types of roles.

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