Cite Internationale des Arts, Artist-in-Residence in Paris

Cite Internationale des Arts
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Cité Internationale des Arts was established in 1965 and is an artist residency, with two spaces, located in Paris, France.

Cité Internationale des Arts offers a total of 324 studios for artists in residence. Annually, more than 1000 artists from over 50 countries get accepted into the program.


Cité Internationale des Arts' mission is to provide studios for artists from all around the world to live and make work in France for a set period of time.


It was Finnish artist Eero Snellman's idea for a Parisian artist residency, in which he spoke about in a speech given at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1937. However, due to World War II, the idea did not take off until much later.

By 1965, Franco-Tunisian architect Olivier-Clement Cacoub's design for the first building was constructed, with other buildings added later. 

Artists can apply directly for about 30% percent of the available studios, while the remaining 70% is reserved for French and foreign operators (which include numerous international cultural bodies) who select residents according to their own application conditions.


Cité Internationale des Arts is located in 2 sited in Paris: “the Marais” has 284 studios and "the Montmartre" has 40 studios.

The Marais location consists of 9 buildings and is the area where artists selected by other operators are placed. This area is close to art galleries and the famous art museums of Paris.

Artists selected by the Cité internationale des arts work in the studios at 24 rue Norvins in the 18th district, Montmartre, which is a historical area and surrounded by a wooded garden. 

Studio Facilities

Cité has two locations in Paris:

  • 18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville has over 270 individual workshops in the heart of the Marais district, an area filled with art galleries.
  • 24 rue Norvins has 30 individual workshops in Montmartre.

According to its website, the locations offer:

"Studios for etching, lithography and silkscreen printing, plus a photography darkroom are available for professional artists. The Cité des Arts also has a ceramics kiln and three weaving looms. Users must pay a service charge."

The studios consist of a large workroom, a converted kitchen, and a bathroom, plus bedding. The size of a studio is approximately 20 to 60 square meters.

Living Facilities

Furnished rooms attached to the work studios are provided.

Application Process

Cité Internationale des Arts website provides information on how to apply for a residency.

Length of Residency

An artist residency is for 2 months to 1 year.


Service fees are charged for use of the facilities.

Noteworthy Facts

According to Cite Internationale des Arts, "Since its opening in 1965, the Cité Internationale des Arts has accommodated more than 18,000 artists from all over the world."