Civil Affairs Army Commissioned Officer Jobs

Civil assistance missions in Afghanistan
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Note: This job used to be available in the Army Reserves and Army National Guard only, but recently has been migrating to active duty. The majority of job slots, however, are still in the Guard and Reserves.

Branch Description

Encompasses positions which require offi­cers possessing specialized skills relating to the conduct and analysis of civil affairs operations and critical skills associated with politico-military awareness, and foreign language and cultural ex­pertise which support national policies or implement national objectives across the conflict spectrum. A Civil Affairs Officer develops, plans, coordinates, commands, controls and evaluates strategic and tactical civil affairs operations policies, doctrine and activities for Army, Joint, and Combined civil affairs programs.

Civil Affairs Officers direct and participate in the conduct of civil affairs command support, foreign-internal defense, unconventional warfare, civil administration, and numerous other missions, both overt and covert, in peacetime or when activated for crisis or war.

Qualification. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualifications for entry and promotion in this branch.

Civil Affairs, General (38A)

Description of duties. Commands or serves on the staff of USAR civil affairs units. Identifies positions requiring general civil affairs experience.

Special qualifications. Expertise in at least one civil affairs functional specialty from specific education or experience is re­quired. Some positions require specific training in certain special operational techniques as additional tracks to the Civil Affairs Offi­cers Course or the Civil Affairs Officers Advanced Course.

Special Grading of Positions

(a) Due to the amount of entry-level training and experience required for this AOC many company/detachment level positions are graded for MAJ.

(b) Civil Affairs companies and detachments are commanded by MAJs. This is necessitated due to the often sensitive nature of CA missions. Civil Affairs company and detachment commanders actu­ally direct CA missions when deployed. They interface directly with high-ranking U.S. and foreign nationals and are required to act independently without immediate supervision.

Unique Duty Positions

(a) Brigade/Regiment/Battalion S5.
(b) Director of Civil-Military Operations.
(c) Strategic Civil Affairs Specialist.
(d) Government Functions Officer.
(e) Economic Functions Officer.
(f) Public Facilities Officer.
(g) Special Civil Functions Officer.