Clickworker Work-at-Home Writing and Data Entry Jobs

Low-pay jobs typically are easy to do

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Clickworker is a global company that uses crowdsourcing to distribute microtasks in fields such as writing, translating, data entry, and research to more than 300,000 "clickworkers" worldwide. Clickworkers are independent contractors who use their own computing equipment and set their own schedules to work on small tasks, most of which are part of larger, complex projects.

The company's clients—which include large companies in several industries—contract with Clickworker for the completion of large projects. The company then breaks those projects into smaller tasks, which can be completed by many different freelance workers.

Types of Opportunities

As is typical in crowdsourcing marketplace micro jobs, the freelancers at Clickworker choose small tasks from a pool of available projects. The types of tasks available for freelancers to choose from is based on their qualifications, which are determined by performance on assessments given during the registration process and on previously completed work.

Some examples of the work that might be available includes:

  • Writing: You'll optimize and write text for online marketing purposes. The work may include writing product descriptions or categorizing products for e-commerce clients.
  • Data Entry: This also involves categorizing and indexing large chunks of data. You may need to tag videos, audio content, and images to help categorize them. The work also involves validating data by testing it or verifying information and researching online databases. Other data verification and research also may be included.
  • Copy editing: Performing these tasks requires a high attention to detail and focuses mostly on the quality of the writing and ensuring that the writer has properly followed the directions. Pieces available for copy editing should already have been proofread for spelling and other grammatical issues.
  • Proofreading: Unlike copy editing, these tasks focus almost primarily on spelling, grammar, and style, though ensuring that writers have followed proper directions also is involved.
  • Surveys: This is pretty straightforward and involves participating in surveys. The surveys that would be available to you are determined by specific criteria you might fit as determined by the client.
  • Mystery photography: These are shopping-related tasks. They might involve verifying the location of a store or restaurant or providing current information about a store's sale or display. Photos are used to verify the information.
  • App testing: This, again, is just what it sounds like. If you have a compatible Android or Apple phone or tablet, you complete these jobs by testing apps and providing feedback.
  • Translation: This involves translating short texts from native speakers of dozens of countries. Contractors obviously must be fluent in relative languages to accept these tasks.

Pay and Benefits

Workers are not paid by the hour; payment is on a per-piece basis, which means hourly earnings vary significantly depending on how quickly a freelancer works. Workers receive a fixed fee for each completed job. The company pays in either euros or U.S. dollars.

Because Clickworker hires independent contractors, workers do not qualify for benefits and receive no guarantee of a minimum wage. Jobs completed on Clickworker are payable seven days after completion, either to a PayPal account or a bank account. 

The work from Clickworker is generally not difficult, but since the pay range can vary so significantly, it's hard to gauge how much you may earn in a given week. If you're looking for an extra job to help make ends meet, this may be a good fit, but it's unlikely to be a sustaining full-time job.

There are no fixed hours, and workers do not need to worry about invoicing. Clickworker keeps track of the tasks that have been completed, and they can be completed at whatever time is convenient for the worker. Clickworkers who do work that is deemed to be of high enough quality can be eligible for higher rates of pay.


To work for this company you must be legally able to work in the jurisdiction where you live and have a computer with internet access. U.S. citizens must be at least age 18. Workers must pass assessments to have access to work.

The company hires worldwide, but you must have a bank account in a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) country or have a valid PayPal account that can accept payment.


On the Clickworker website, click "Register" in the "Explore Clickworker" section and fill out your name, address, and email, and agree to the terms of service. The company sends an email with a link to log into Clickworker, where you take assessments to see which projects you qualify to work on.