5 of The Best Coding Bootcamps in NYC

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You’ve tried Codecademy or some other free coding platform and have decided that this is something you want to commit to.


If you live in the New York City area, here are five coding boot camps that offer all of the classes you need to become a programmer/web developer.

Note: All information has been taken at the time of writing, in August 2015.

General Assembly

We’ve seen before that General Assembly is a great resource to learn about coding.

If you enjoyed that learning experience with GA Dash, it doesn’t need to end - their Web Development Immersive boot camp is 12 weeks of learning programming from its most basic concepts to front and backend web development to finally working in a team on a product.

Concepts reviewed: JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Ruby on Rails

When: August 10 - November 2 and September 8 - November 30th (check online for future dates)

Price: $11,500; GA requires a down payment of 25% of the total tuition to register

MakeSchool Summer Academy

MakeSchool’s Summer Academy focuses on iPhone app development using Swift. This 8-week curriculum focuses on teaching students the skills needed to conceive and construct a marketable and monetizable iPhone game. Previous graduates have moved on to opportunities within companies such as Facebook and Gameloft.

Concepts reviewed: Swift, Git, Xcode

When: June - August (stay tuned for this program to come back next summer!)

Price: $6,000; scholarships are available to those who qualify

Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy offers a Foundations 4-week pre-course that will teach you core concepts and skills necessary to get the most from the experience, so you can show up on the first day and not feel lost.

The actual Academy course is a 13-week curriculum that takes students through computer science, programming, front- and back-end development, data, best practices, and culminates in Fullstack flight, which is a 4-week hiring assistance program. Fullstack has a 97% post-graduation hiring rate, which they claim is one of the highest in the country.

Concepts reviewed: JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and more.

When?: September 14th - December 11th and November 2nd - February 19th. See website for more dates.

Price: $15,680, with some scholarships available based on financial need or demographics.

Flatiron School  

Flatiron School offers a 13-week immersive course that tackles a wide variety of web development concepts. Most students will develop three or four apps by the end of this program, so it’s a great resume builder.

Concepts reviewed: HTML5, CSS (Sass & Less), JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git

When?: September 28 - December 18, 2015

Price: $15,000; some scholarships available


ByteAcademy offers a 12-week course along with a 4-week pre-course that should get students warmed up before beginning. Unlike the other boot camps on this list, however, ByteAcademy also offers 4 weeks of courses on finance after the completion of the 12-week program to acquaint their graduates with concepts in finance that will help their programming careers.

Concepts reviewed: HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript, Git, Django, SQL, and more.

When?: September 14th - December 4th and October 14th - January 4th.

Price: $10,000, with $500 required to register


Now, this list isn’t exclusive. There are many other coding boot camps out there, plus new ones come about all the time.

Always make sure to do your research be deciding; some may be better suited to your interests than others.