Companies Where Millennials Have Great Career Opportunities

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Multiple Locations

Enterprise entry level jobs

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a company that actively recruits new college graduates to its organization through college campus connections, internship programs, and web friendly marketing that targets millennials, military personnel, and through a program specifically for college athletes. With a promote from within policy and a commitment to training and nurturing those who come to the company with skills and talent but not specific experience in the auto rental business, Enterprise is a great place for young adults to begin their careers and grow with a company.

Enterprise is on track to hire 9500 new employees in 2017.

WPromote - El Segundo, CA

wpromote job opportunities

WPromote is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Southern California where newly minted college graduates and older millennials have the opportunity to learn and grow with the company. Specializing in online advertising and marketing, WPromote is at the cutting edge of what is happening on the Internet, as are so many millennials. Getting an internship at WPromote can and often does lead to a job after graduation. With all of the bells and whistles of many newer and younger companies, including half day Fridays and a pet friendly environment, WPromote is a place young adults can thrive.

St. Jude Children's Hospital - Memphis, TN

St Jude Children's Hospital jobs

Many millennials are passionate about making a difference in the world, which is why St. Jude's Children's Hospital is one of the best places to work according to a recent survey. 

"Millennials are committed to making a difference, and St. Jude,through its research and care, represents one of the best efforts for changing how medicine is practiced around the world," said James R. Downing, M.D., St. Jude president and chief executive officer. 

Through collaboration and innovation, millennials and young adults can see their work change the lives of children who are patients at this world-renowned children's hospital. Working conditions are excellent, with policies that promote health, family, and cultural activities, including on-site wellness centers for employees, paid maternity leave and summer concerts.

National Security Agency - Washington DC

NSA job opportunities

 The National Security Agency (NSA) hires many of its staff directly out of high school, setting them on a career path that is both secure and interesting. 

"The vast majority of people who do the National Security Agency's intercept work, who translate and analyze — most of them are fresh out of high school," intelligence historian Matthew Aid told NBC News. "There are thousands of 18 to 21-year-olds doing critically important and secret work around the world." - Business Insider

With a projected 1500 new hires in 2017, the NSA is a large and growing government program with a constant need for new talent. A great place for college graduates as well as those with high school diplomas, the NSA offers lots of opportunities for millennials to find and succeed at a rewarding career.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance - National

Young insurance agent

 The insurance business is a lucrative and lifelong career that is constantly in need of new people. Mutual of Omaha is a privately held, multi-line company, that provides insurance, banking, and financial products for individuals, businesses and groups throughout the United States. As millennials mature and grow, marrying and starting families, insurance becomes something that needs to be considered. Who better to provide the information and insurance policies needed than another millennial? While insurance may not be as of-the-moment as digital careers, it offers stability as a career and the opportunity to work for oneself.

Each year, 1,000 entry level employees begin their careers with Mutual of Omaha in a number of different departments.

Pivot Hotels and Resorts - Glendale, CA (headquarters)

pivot hotels jobs

 Pivot Hotels and Resorts is a great place for young adults to work, especially women. With 63% female executives, Pivot offers ambitious young women the opportunity to climb the company ladder knowing that their gender will not keep them from achieving higher levels. Eight-six percent of the employees, from room attendants to the top tier, are proud to say they work at Pivot. 

One of the most unique aspects of Pivot is the "inner weird" profile that they have all new hires fill out. By answering the questions on this survey, Pivot employees allow their superiors to tailor their career trajectory to their particular personalities.

Pivot's luxury hotels are located in 10 cities in the United States.