How to Send a Congratulations on Your New Job Email

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When a friend or colleague gets a new job, it's both courteous and smart to send a congratulations note. Professional networks are oiled and maintained through small but positive expressions of support and encouragement. If you send a simple note of congratulations, it will be remembered by its recipient.

While the most personal approach would be to hand-write and post a traditional card by mail, it is also fine to send an email to express your best wishes. (If you're sending congratulations to a former colleague, and do not have their email address at the ready, sending a LinkedIn message is appropriate.) 

Just be sure that your message is personalized to reflect your relationship with the person you’re sending it to. 

Elements of a Congratulations Email for a New Job

In your email, be sure to include the name of the company and the position of the recipient’s new job.

Add personal, specific details that exemplify why you believe that they will prosper in their new role. Wish them success, and offer to support them during their career transition. You may also suggest getting together for coffee, lunch, or a happy hour in a couple of weeks so you can catch up on how they are doing in their new position.

Finally, be sure to include several ways to contact you, including email, phone, website, and social media (such as LinkedIn) in the signature of your message.

You do not have to send a long note — just a few sentences are sufficient. The most important thing is to convey your congratulations and best wishes. Should you send a traditional card as well? If you have a strong relationship, sending flowers, balloons, candy, or simply a lovely, handwritten card in addition to the email is a nice touch. 

If you are sending a handwritten card, try to use your nicest, most legible handwriting. You may want to write out your message on scrap paper beforehand to avoid grammatical errors or crossed-out words and phrases. 

Why You Should Send a Congratulations for a New Job

When your friend or colleague gets a new position, their number of contacts will grow. By maintaining contact with a person in a new job, you may be able to get introductions to people in that company.

Even if your friend is taking a position within your current organization or company, they will still be making new contacts. A company that is hiring is undergoing changes and restructuring, and that means that exciting new opportunities will inevitably arise. If you provide a specific service or product, your friend may learn that it is needed in their new situation and recommend to their supervisor that you join their new team.

At times, you may have applied for the job that your friend was hired to fill. Don't let that stop you from sending a congratulations message. Keep communications open with an upbeat and supportive email. If you maintain a positive relationship with them, you can learn more about their new job and use this information to craft your applications to similar positions in the future. Follow up with another note in a couple of weeks, suggesting getting together to see how things are going. 

Congratulations Email Message Example

Here is a congratulations note example you can tailor to send via email to someone who had found a new job.  

Subject Line: Congratulations on Your New Position

Hello Steve,

It was with great pleasure that I learned about your new position at the Kiwi Company.

Having known and worked with you, I know that you are ready for such a challenge, and am impressed by your initiative in pursuing this wonderful new career direction. You have the necessary skills and experience and will make a terrific Team Leader.

While we will miss your expertise and the general optimism and cheer you’ve generated in our department, I’m more than happy for your success in landing your new role. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you during your transition between jobs.

Best of luck as you advance in your career, and please keep me updated as to how things are going!


Joseph Purple
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