Congratulations Letter Example for a Promotion

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Did one of your co-workers or business associates recently receive a promotion? Consider sending a letter of congratulations to acknowledge and celebrate the good news. As well as being a lovely gesture that's certain to be appreciated, your letter of congratulations lets the recipient know that you care about his or her career and happiness. It's also a great way to keep in touch with people you may not see or interact with on a regular basis.

What to Include in a Promotion Congratulations Letter

Here are some things that you can include in your job promotion letter of congratulations:

Your Positive Feelings About the Promotion
Of course, congratulations are the main reason you're writing the letter! Including your congratulations and best wishes is the most important thing to do in your note.

Where You Saw the News
Particularly if you are getting in touch with someone after not having spoken in a while, it's nice to mention how you found out the good news. You can say things like, "I saw on LinkedIn that you were promoted to Marketing Manager," or "I was thrilled to see the good news in the latest company bulletin about your new job title," or "I met up with Tanisha Jones from sales, and she mentioned you'd just received a promotion."

It's very common in a letter of congratulations to mention how well deserved the promotion is, and to include praise for work that you know the person has done.

Your Thanks
A note of congratulations is also a good opportunity to express thanks for any assistance a colleague has provided you in the past. If they have been a member of your department, think of examples of how they’ve helped you or contributed to your team so that they’ll know they will be missed.

Your letter can be brief and straightforward — the most important thing to write is your good wishes and congratulations. You can send your letter either through email or mail; it adds a more personal touch if you take the time to handwrite your note on a purchased card or a nice piece of stationery.

Use the congratulations letter examples below to help get started writing your letter to the promoted colleague, customizing them to reflect your relationship with the recipient.

Formal Congratulations Letter Example for a Promotion

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Dear Name,

It was with great pleasure that I heard of your recent promotion to District Sales Manager through an update yesterday on LinkedIn.

You are inheriting a great team, and I'm sure that your ability to lead by example in motivating others will make them even more effective and productive. I expect we’ll be hearing about some stellar sales growth at the regional conference next year.

Congratulations and good luck in your new position – onward and upward!


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