Reasons to Consider the Dream Careers Solution

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In a world where we Uber and Rent the Runway, it’s no surprise that we also pay for a custom internship placement service. Not only does the controversial Dream Careers help connect young people from around the world with great internships but they are also a full-service company that handles everything from your packing list to your internship housing, to your social schedule. The only caveat? You have to pay for it. Just like we pay for personalized car services and a custom fancy wardrobe, if you want to use Dream Careers, you’d better pay up.

Dream Careers has been a popular conversational topic over the years. Should people pay to get an internship? But in this blog, I want to talk about the positive aspects of Dream Careers and why I would have considered doing it – should I have known about it while in college.

  1. Lack of Resources. I went to my career center and was sort of given the cold shoulder. No one helped me connect with opportunities. At the time, research methods were limited. If I would have hooked up with Dream Careers, I could have talked to them about what I wanted to do, and they could have helped match me up with one of the companies they work with (impressive companies like BCBG and BWR Public Relations).
  2. Companies Like Dream Careers. Although many career professionals dislike the services provided by the company, companies that utilize Dream Careers interns choose to do so. They aren’t forced into the relationship. Several companies save positions for Dream Careers interns as they are known for bringing high-caliber students into companies.
  1. Safety, Supervision, Transportation. My parents sent me to New York to intern and also to Los Angeles for two summers. Safety was always an issue. My school didn’t have a program for interns, so I was heading to these big cities by myself. I was lucky if I could find a college dorm (like NYU) for housing purposes. When I went to Los Angeles, I sublet and hoped for the best. My parents were always worried about me being in a big city by myself. With Dream Careers, you have young people that act almost as “camp counselors, ” and you are transported to and from your internship every day. Additionally, trips on the weekends are supervised, and you aren’t left alone in a big city.
  1. The Social Aspect. When I interned in New York, I lived in the NYU dorms, so while making friends wasn’t easy, I figured it out and met some great people (who I’m still in touch with). When I interned in Los Angeles, it wasn’t as easy. Unless you live with other interns or work with a lot of different people, it can be difficult to make friends. Dream Careers is sort of like summer camp with an internship attached. Think about the friendships made at camp. If I was able to meet people who had similar interests and it was internship oriented instead of camp oriented, I’d want to sign up.

    Dream Careers has programs in New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Hong Kong, and more. While it’s not the program for everyone, I’d say it’s worth checking out. You can learn more about the Dream Careers Internship Programs or follow them on Twitter (@Dream Careers