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Patti Stanger, CEO, The Millionaire's Club
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Contacting celebrities can be difficult, but is not impossible.  Below are contact points for Patti Stanger, author, reality show star, and founder of the Millionaire's Club, a matchmaking (dating service) that caters the wealthy singles.

One of the best ways to get the attention of any celebrity is by following them on social networks and being an active fan.  Your tweet or post might get noticed if your message is heartfelt, clear and important and relevant to the celebrity. 

You can also use social media to ask questions about contacting someone for an interview as social media accounts are either run by the celebrity (rare) or monitored by a paid public relations (PR) person.  PR people do scour social media for their clients and may respond to requests for interviews or answer specific questions (publicly, on social media) that may have broad appeal.

Tip:  Gratuitous tweets and messages generally do not get anyone's attention or merit a reply.  To increase your chances of getting a reply, try asking questions rather than making statements.

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Patti Stanger is available for: Corporate Appearances, Speaking Engagements, Endorsements & Autograph Signings. For more information or booking fees, call 888.752.3532.