Corps Team Offering Working Moms Work Flexibility

Start your next job search with Mom Corps, a division of Corps Team

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Are you looking for a part-time job or work with flexible hours? It is what Mom Corps, which is now part of Corps Team, can help you with. Their Mom Corps division "specializes in placing professionals in fractional, flexible and virtual positions." The company started off ten years ago only specializing in placing moms in non-traditional roles but has grown into a staffing and consulting firm.

The company's main business name is Corps Team and has three divisions. Moms Corps is one of them. Then there is the Corps Team division which is a niche full-service search and staffing company, focused on strategic workforce solutions for highly skilled, hard to find, professional talent. Their third division, focus on training and consulting on workforce solutions, talent retention, and the latest business trends on talent management.

They place professionals in career areas such as accounting/finance, analytics, business services, human resources, information technology, legal, marketing, project management, strategy, and other specialized discipline type jobs. The types of jobs they offer are Direct Hire, Contract, Interim, Project, Fractional or Seasonal.

The Atlanta-based Mom Corps was one of the first companies to see the potential in the legions of mothers looking for flexible, part-time jobs. When you register with Corps Team, you give your contact information; you may upload a resume and/or cover letter, as well as link your LinkedIn profile. After you click on a, submit a recruiter gets in touch with you about any possible positions you'd be a good fit for.

Two Levels of Membership

Individual registration is free and includes the following:

  • View and apply for all job postings on their site (although you can view their job listings without a login, you do need to join to apply).
  • You signup for their weekly newsletter, "Hot Jobs."
  • Their recruiters will call you if they have a job that fits your qualifications.
  • Access to their Mom Corps YOU webinars, career search, and re-entry into the workplace resources as well as their career advice blog. They have recorded all of their past webinars and posted them up on their YouTube channel for your learning pleasure!

You could upgrade your membership for $10 per month to "Premium Members" status and receive:

  • Everything you get with a free membership. 
  • Live monthly coaching session from their CEO, Allison O'Kelly. 
  • Direct email access to their recruiters with 24 hour response times for hot tips and first chances at applying for jobs.

Why You Should Sign Up with CorpsTeam

It's great that the jobs can be seen without having to pay a membership fee. There are virtual jobs and onsite jobs posted on their job board. Although they are starting a movement base on work flexibility in their Moms Corps division. They are leading the way to educate employers about why workers want work flexibility.

They opened their doors back in 2005 and were the first national staffing firm focusing on non-traditional careers. shows numerous reviews ranking 4.5 to 5 stars, so many people have found great success in working with Moms Corp. Their CEO is a great content creator as well as her team.

Connecting with the Corps Team is a great start to finding a job or career that's a bit different than the one you've been at. If you're looking for work flexibility Corps Team believes in this value and is working to find jobs like that for you. The only thing Corps Team will cost is you working on your resume and LinkedIn profile (two things you need to do to find a job anyways) so sign up and get on their email list to learn tips and tricks to finding your next job.