Internship Cover Letters That Work

Sample Cover Letters

Cover letters are an opportunity to market a candidate's skills and accomplishments in relation to the requirements of the job. Each cover letter should be targeted to the organization and the position to which the applicant is applying. Developing an effective resume and cover letter increases the candidate's chances of being called in for an interview. It's definitely worth the effort to create ​well-prepared documents and have them looked over by a professional or a member of the staff in the Career Services Office at your college.

Sample Finance Internship Cover Letter

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Finance cover letters are particularly important since financial firms seek candidates who possess the relevant skills to do the job. Business courses related to finance, student jobs, internships, volunteer experiences that relate to the field of finance, are extremely important to discuss in your cover letter. As always, cover letters should include all of your skills and accomplishments that relate to the internship or job to which you are applying. A cover letter is a chance to market yourself to an employer and is usually, along with the resume, the deciding factor in getting an interview. Taking the time to develop a well thought out cover letter is definitely worth the time and effort that it takes.

Sample Marketing Internship Cover Letter

The marketing internship cover letter offers candidates a way to highlight business and marketing courses taken in college. Applicants might also gain experience in marketing by using the skills learned in the classroom to market a personal or local business, club, or activity on campus. As in any business cover letter, relevant experience and exposure to the field are definite pluses and should always be included in the cover letter.

Sample Education Internship Cover Letter

Many experiences can be included in an education internship cover letter. Experience with student teaching, camp counseling, tutoring, peer mentoring, babysitting, etc., or any other position that includes the educating of children, adolescents, or other adults. The skills required in the field of education are varied but some of the attributes that make for a successful teacher include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, organizational skills, patience, and an ability to break down complicated subject matter so that it's understandable to others. A genuine love of learning and sharing of knowledge are also traits that make for a good teacher.

Sample Art Internship Cover Letter

Highlighting experience in the field of art is extremely important when looking to gain an internship or job in an art museum or gallery. Coursework can be discussed in the letter along with any internships or jobs that have been completed on campus or within an art community.